Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crocodile Skin

Me:  Hey, babe, can you put some potassium in the water softener?

ThatManILove:  I'll go see how much I have in the garage and I'll check the levels tomorrow.

Me:  You don't need to check the levels.  I know how much is in it.  My skin is super dry.

ThatManILove:  (says nothing, grudgingly heads to garage.)

Me:   (Small smile.)

ThatManILove:  (hauls in 4 large sacks.)  I'll load this, then I'll go get more tomorrow.  This is about a month's worth.

Me:  Sweet. (just watching.)

ThatManILove:  Babe, you don't have to stand here and watch me.  I don't need any help. (He takes the lid off the bin.  I hear something fall.) He turns around with this funny look on his face.

Me:  What was that?

ThatManILove:  Paper towels.

Me:  They fell in?

ThatManILove:  Hang tight.

Me:  (hanging tight, trying not to laugh.)

ThatManILove:  Here.  You ready?

Me:  What?

ThataManILove:  Can you take these?  (hands me two soaked paper towel rolls. The BIG rolls. Lovely.)

Me:  I'll have to put them in the sink because you need to take out the trash. (Smile.)

ThatManILove:  Okay.

Me:  So?  How much potassium is in the softener?

ThatManILove:  Zero.  You were right.

Me:  (smiling, walking away.)  I knew it.