Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nothing Smells Better Than Cinnamon Toast Cooking...

A couple of Saturdays ago, I woke up at 6 a.m., a little late for me.  Zack the Wonderdog was snuggled under the covers next to ThatManILove.  I stealthily crept into the TV room, popped open the Mac (another story in itself) and started returning e-mails.  I worked on this hard for about an hour.
And then, I lay back down on the couch and crashed.
At 9:30 a.m., ThatManILove came in to the room, concerned that he woke up and I wasn’t by his side.  He said, “Babe, your phone’s been ringing off the wall.”
He gave it to me, and, dang.  The voice mail was full AGAIN - 14 messages, and 15 e-mails. He started laughing.  And then, he said, “Well!  I checked my phone, and I have two messages, and three e-mails.”  I just looked at him.  He said, “Well, okay, yeah...they’re from yesterday.”
He is so funny.
He asked me if I wanted to go eat breakfast somewhere.  Did I?  No.  I wanted to bury my head under the covers, but I knew that I could not do that.  I had to get busy.  
We compromised.  He offered to make cinnamon toast...a comfort food that hails back to my youth.
So off he went to the kitchen, dogs in hot pursuit.  I hear him banging around, and before long, I smell cinnamon and butter.  Yum.  In a second, though, I smell something burning, and I cry out to him.  He quickly assures me he’s got it, and in a minute, he comes back into the TV room bearing cinnamon toast.  His is burned, but mine is not.
He sits down by me, and grabs a piece of toast, and bites into it.  Immediately, his face screws up.  Something’s not right.
I say, “What’s wrong?”
He smells of it, then reaches out for my plate.
He says, and I kid you not, “I put salt on it instead of sugar.”
And off he goes to make the real thing. 

ThatManILove is a gourmet cook, I swear.   

But this time, the Wonderdogs wouldn’t even eat it.

Cinnamon toast= SUGAR, cinnamon, butter, toast...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thankful Tuesday...Our GodDaughter Ada, Her Mom, and Grandmom

One happy Ada!
Sunday on the way home from Dallas, we stopped and had lunch with our friends.  I thought I'd share pictures from our day with them.  Brave, I know, to take my camera into a busy restaurant like Gloria's cafe, but I'm soooo glad I did.  Enjoy!

Baby Ada checking out "The Godfather"...

Ada and her grandmother.  Aren't they gorgeous?
The baby is Ada...and happens to be our god-daughter.  We love her, and are so blessed her mom chose us to be her godparents!  Ada's mom and grandmother are some of our best friends, and have been for years.  Her cute little hat goes with a new outfit we brought her.  (If the hat's that cute, you know the outfit is darling!)
Her little hands are tiny....

Wait!  Who stole my camera???

She doesn't miss a thing.

Ada and her mommy.  Beautiful, both of them!

I love this shot of ThatManILove!  He's just listening...
Someday, we'll have grandkids that we can spoil.   Until then, we have little Ada.  All I can say is it looks like she'll have years to go before she has to share us!!!  We're so thankful for this portion of our extended family.  Have a beautiful Tuesday!  Why are you thankful?

I Am Soooooo Blessed.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Meeting...or Was It?

My friend Sharla and I were driving to meet more friends to shop at the Dallas Trade Center.  Traffic abounded.

We’re in the lane to turn left into the parking lot for the shuttles, and I happened to look up at the vehicle in front of me.
The vehicle had some advertising across the back, and a wave of recognition slapped me in ‘da face.
I waited a second, hit a phone number and it came up on my bluetooth screen.  Dial. And then, over the loudspeakers came, “Most Excellent* Realty, Janie speaking.  How may I help you**?”
I said, “Hi!  Would you happen to be on Market Street?”
“Yes,” she said.
Now this Janie is a hoot.  We call each other “The Other Janie”.
We met, blogging.  I can’t remember how we met, but since then, we’ve each introduced each other to different bloggers, as is the wont of bloggerdom.  
Our backgrounds and lives are so similar, it’s weird.  I do remember we both used the signature “Happy Trails, Y’all”...and that’s probably the singular event that led us to each other.   We’ve had a lot of fun over the years, comparing events, etc.  If I ever move to the DFW area,  Janie’s a great realtor, and she’s promised to help us find “THE house” of our dreams.
(She really doesn’t know how twisted our dreams are, or she wouldn’t promise that.)
Have I mentioned that we’ve never really person?  That all this has been virtual communication, via mobile phone or email, blogland or facebook?
All true...until today.
I said, “Well, you’ll never guess where I am!”

The Other Janie said, “Where?”
I said, “Right behind you.  In the black Sequoia!”  Sharla is laughing.
We wave, and then we decided to pull out of the line - because maybe we weren’t in the right parking lot.  Immediately, we change our minds.  And The Other Janie rolls down her window, we meet, and she says “Pull back in front of us, this is the right place.”
Is that funny?  We did.
And in the mayhem of the parking, we didn’t get to meet until hours later.  I texted her, then she texted me a couple of hours later.  And when she did, it turned out we were on the very same row in the very same building.  And if you’ve ever been to Dallas Market, you’ve got to understand that was a miracle in itself!
It was an absolute joy to FINALLY meet you and yours, Janie!  I hope we’ll see more of each other in the time to come.
And when I told ThatManILove?  He cracked up.  He thought it was so cool!!!
It’s never boring around here!

*Business name was changed to protect the innocent.
**I can't remember exactly what she said, I was so excited! ;)
God surrounds us with the right people.  Keep your hearts open, loves.    You never know.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yeah.  That's right, you read what my blog title said.  

I would post a picture of my current dilemma, but I cannot.

I'm pinned to the bed. And it's not what you think. Remember, ThatManILove is in the field.

Zanna the Wonderpup is crashed across one leg, all 35 spotted pounds of her. And Zack, the big 75 lb. lug, is snoring across my other leg. 

I say, "Kennel". Nothing.  I say it again, "KENNEL!"

They shift a hair or two, you know, like they are in full obedience, and keep on snoring.

Will someone please bring me a bottle of water and a blankie? The rest of me is freezing.

Who Trained These Wonderdogs, Anyway?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ah, You Little Devil, You....

As you know, I travel a lot. Which means my butt warms plenty of seats (though not simultaneously) in airports. And I do love me some people watching.
As I wait on flights, I survey the people around me. In most airports, the seats are in increments of ten. This ensures that no more than five people will inhabit the entire row, because they leave one empty seat between them and the next person.  Unless, of course, that person is me, and sometimes between my stuff and that of ThatManILove, I can take up three seats.
Because this is how it goes down.
We start out with one seat between us, with his stuff piled in it. And then, I take up the seat to my left, with my stuff piled there. If there is any wait at all, ThatManILove sometimes decides it might be a great opportunity to snag a nap. Oh, wait, here it comes, RIGHT NOW, as I'm typing this!
TMIL: I think I’m going to go to that bank of seats by the wall so I can sit down, lean against the wall, and take a nap.
Me: Oh, really? Okay. Sleep with angels.
TMIL: Ummmm....did you pack my iPod? Is it in your computer bag?
Me: Yes.
TMIL: And my earphones?
Me: Yes.
TMIL: Is it charged up?
Me: Yeah, Babe, here it is.
TMIL: Okay, wake me up when it’s time, okay? (I smile and nod.) And my water? Can you hand it to me?
And on my shoulder, that little she-devil, dressed up in She-Safari camo and carrying this cool Prada purse, laughingly whispers, “You could always say you TRIED to wake him up!”
Naaaaaaah. I’m just not made that way. I just couldn't!

But it would make for some juicy blog fodder, don't ya think??!

She's a Very Naughty Her Mind.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aromatherapy - Another Successful Sales Technique

Last week, I went to lunch with customers. Ten of them. And we ate at a local barbeque place.

The restaurant filled up. I looked around, and I knew someone at every table - they were all salespeople. And none of them were with customers - they were with fellow co-workers. I had the only customers in the place. Craziness. That doesn't happen often! My customers were teasing me about running for mayor.  (That does seem to come up a lot.)

After I dropped the customers back at their office, I went to my office to ready for  my 1:30 p.m. appointment. Picking up two co-workers, we're driving out of our parking garage. I turn to them and say, "Can y'all smell barbeque? That's what we ate today, and I swear, that's all I can smell." They assured me they couldn't smell anything, and off we drove to the 1:30 appointment. We get into the VP's office, and conduct our meeting. Everything went well, and we returned to the office. 

I get to my desk, check my emails. I'm returning a call on speaker phone, and look down at my desk, and catch something peripherally. There is a small 1/8" piece of brisket on my chest. I guess I'd been wearing it as a badge of honor for the last 2 hours. Oh, no, you didn't, you say. Oh, yes, I did. I think the sale was successful. 

Who says aromatherapy doesn't work on my customers?

So That's Why My Bustline Is So Prominent

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miles and Miles: The Young Whippersnapper Tales

I'm in a board meeting today, so I leave you with this - a story from last year...a trip to Denver.

Oh, my Lord. I’m exhausted. We went to 8 different offices today to call on customers. All of the visits were good, and that’s somewhat normal for my day, seeing that many customers…

We’re in Denver! Downtown Denver. The Mile High City. Which translates to tons and tons and miles of walking. And I’m old…and decrepit. Funny, I never thought of myself as that way, until today.
We had a 7 a.m. breakfast date with one customer, then an 8:15 appointment with another…about 7 blocks away, all up a steep hill.
Young Salesman: We have a trek ahead of us. This hill is killer.
Janie: I can (huff, puff) see that.
Young Salesman: When I first moved here last year from Houston, I would make this hill, and I thought I was going to die.
Janie: (Not speaking, because. I. Can’t.) (I think I am dying!) (But I’m still trying to look contained and in control, breathing regularly – when he’s not looking – because, you know, image is freakin’ everything.)
Young Salesman: (not even breathing hard) But I got over it quickly, ‘cause around here, you walk everywhere. It’s crazy when it’s icy and snowy, trying to navigate this hill.
Janie: (Still not speaking, trying to breathe and keep up with young whippersnapper: God, I think I might just fire him. Navigate the hill, hell, it’s a beautiful day and I can’t even navigate it!)
Young Salesman: The altitude and cold combined can wreak havoc on your body. One day this year, it was so cold, when I got to my office, I think my sinuses were frozen. They hurt so bad.
Janie: (What? Did he say his sinuses were frozen? I’m freakin’ burning up here! I tried to get you to let me leave my coat in the office, young fellow!)
Young Salesman: Sorry (as he leaves me behind), I'm a pretty fast walker.
Janie: (Not speaking, but wondering, “Do you think it would violate the sexual harrassment laws if you just carried me the rest of the way? I’ll give you a raise!”)
We make it to the 8:15 with minutes to spare, and have a great visit.
Then we leave for our 9 a.m. appointment.
Janie: Where to now, senor?
Young Salesman: Oh, we have to go to John’s office – it’s only about a mile and a half away.
Janie: Let’s get to it! Places to be, people to see! (Oh, yeah, I’m such a motivator!)(Do they have a recliner? I need a nap!)
He was a perfect gentleman, but he’s probably laughing his ass off tonight regaling his wife with stories of his out-of-shape lady boss. And tomorrow’s another day!
I have to go, I’m about to submit my online application to AARP...if I can find the strength to do so.

Lord, Help Me - Is This What They Call Maturity?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

It’s Monday.
It’s the day I’m not going to bore you with inane bullshit.
But be warned - I’m heading to one of my national board meetings...where stuff definitely happens.  Yup, that same one where THIS happened, and the famed emergency appendectomy episode had its beginning.

Anytime I go north, whether it be to Oklahoma, Colorado, or Wyoming, I promise, stuff happens.  Mi Vida Loca.
I’m sure there will be some major “It’s Never Boring Around Here” adventures to write about!
I’ll be back!

It's Never Boring Around Here

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stock Show Pictures and Fun

Yesterday found me at the Midland County Livestock Show.  One of my little friends, Brooke, placed with her lamb.  It was her first year to show, so of course, we were very proud of her.

Brooke's getting Ethyl ready to show in this shot. 

 I don't know if Ethyl licked her, or what, but I love Brooke's expression!

Here’s her little brother, Cash, practicing for his turn with "Lucy"...his turn will come in some 5 years. He’s already got it faded.


Elder Son showed steers from age 9 to 18, so when I walked into our county barns, lots of memories came rolling back.  The smells.  The people.  The kids, all blinged out, ready to bring their animals into the sale ring.  The smiling, supportive families and community.  The buyers - they’re awesome, as well.  Here's Brooke with her buyer, Mr. Zachary.

Stock showing, through the local 4H and FFA programs,  is a good thing.  It teaches the kiddos responsibility, diligence, and integrity.  It is definitely a character building activity.
Hey, do y’all know what happens when a prize-winning lamb eats duct tape?  I don’t either.  But I guess we’ll see!

Please - if you have a chance - support your local youth through 4H, and FFA.  The entire country will be the better for it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Identity Crisis

I just found out I've been had.

I've always been told I'm a Libra.  Fair, just, yadda, yadda, yadda.  You know, I can be a bi**h, but I'm a nice bi**h...and lots of times, people never know they've just been slapped up side da head.

Now all sources point to the fact I'm a Virgo. Perfectionist, analytical, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Just a bi**h.  A pretty one, but...

I feel a little schizophrenic, in a balanced by the scales though analytical type of way.  Not that I would be overly critical or emotional or anything.

Do they have medicine for horoscope identity crisis moments?

Guess that's why they call them horrorscopes.  Now MOVE!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rodeo, Rodeo!

Tonight, we went to the SandHills Stock Show and Rodeo.  (“We” being a girlfriend and myself, since ThatManILove is working...’cause baby needs a new pair of shoes, ya know!)
It was fun.  We were given front row seat tickets by a friend of mine, and sat with them during the performance (perf in rodeo talk).  It brought back lots of memories.  The smell of the dirt in the arena, the sweat on a passing horse, the schtick of the rodeo announcer and the rodeo clown - all things that will be imprinted on my mind and in my heart forever.
I was one of the directors of that rodeo many years ago, and served on the Promotions Committee.  I helped start the Youth Promotions committee, which is called the Sidewinders.  It was for kids age 14-21, to teach them how to interact with the community and help promote the sport of rodeo.  Elder Son was one of the first members of that committee, and he was, gosh, almost 16 years ago?

The Sidewinders put on a Kids Rodeo.  All the little ones 10 and under participate in barrel racing (on a stick horse), bull riding (on a stick bull), and they even have a clown contest.  This is the halftime entertainment for the rodeo, and it is so much fun to watch!  All the teeny tiny bullriders, in their blinged out chaps, hats, riding those stick bulls...they are soooo cute.  Though that was many years ago, the kiddos still participate in the Kids Rodeo, and they are just precious to watch.  

I can remember all of us trying to keep all these kids corralled while they waited on their turn in the arena...and Elder Son, who was a long tall drink of water, even then - teaching all of them the macarena just to waste time.  I turned around, looking for him, and couldn't find him.  When I did find him, he was on his knees,  so he would be eye level with the kiddos in his circle, and dancing as hard as they were! Ay, Macarena!
Tonight, my friend and I were invited to another friend's surprise 50th birthday party in an adjacent barn, and we went for a couple of minutes.  I was blessed to see lots of people from that era of my life, and all of them had a smile and hug for me.
When people ask me, “Do you miss the rodeo life?”, my answer is always, “Not really.  But I do miss the people.  And..the horses!”
It was good to hook up with my friends from the horse/rodeo world tonight.  Friends are friends...and neither distance nor time changes that.