Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday "Why Did I Eat That Much?" Post

Proper utilization of "overet":  I dun over et.  I et too much.  My tummy hurts bad.

I think I ate all day.

Starting with Chex party mix for breakfast.  What the HECK?

No fruit.  No veggies.

Well, until Thanksgiving dinner, around 2 p.m. Pennsylvania time.

But up until that time?

I think I snacked while we were preparing everything.

We had lots of laughs, i.e. the time I forgot to mix the pecans in with the butter/flour/brown sugar mixture (to top the sweet potatoes).  (The topping ended up looking like a big pecan praline…but oh, man, did it taste good!)

I'm gonna try to overload on fruit today.

PS - The Infrared Turkey Fryers are the  No grease.  No mess.  Beautiful turkeys.  Amazing.

Okay.  Going to take a nap.  Right after I eat an orange.


  1. Chex party mix for breakfast. Hmmmm. Bear has never heard of that. (There are so many things Human that I don't know about.) I've heard about Tom Turkeys, but never "Infrared Turkey Fryers." All so confusing. But I take it you had a grand day, so that is good.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Cooking turkeys with lasers? What are you, some kind of time traveler? I've always wondered how a turkey would taste if you boiled it in beer, like a bratwurst.

  3. That overeating bit seems to be my condition most Thanksgivings and Christmases.


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