Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dog Loves Veggies…Actually, Anything Edible.

My dogs crack me up.

It doesn’t matter WHAT I eat, they think they need some of it.
Burrito?  Yup.
Starbucks drink?  Yup.
Here, Zack awaits his vegetable of the day.

Zack the Wonderdog. Begging Edamame.
Steamed edamame.

He is a goofball. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday...

Today felt like Monday since it was my first full day in the office.
I’m behind due to travel, have a lot of things going on, and my mind is working overtime - again.
I believe I need a Thursday, just to think.
Do you ever shut down, for a day, and think about things?
I’m going to need that, sooner than later.  Some quiet time.  No distractions.  A little break from the here and now to think about things to come.
It’s almost Friday now, but some 24 hour period in the near future, be warned.  Because, I’m going to name you Thoughtful Thursday...and we are gonna have a date, me and you.

Just me and you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Find One Good Thing About Your Day


This morning, specifically 1:11 a.m. this morning, finds me in a hotel room in Houston, at the AADE National Fluids Conference.  (That’s drilling fluids, y’all.)

And of all things, I’m unable to sleep.   Too much on my mind.  Work.  Kids.  Golf Tournament. Husband. Work. Kids. Work. Charity Shoot. Kids.  Adopted kids.

A constantly rotating plethora of inane stuff rolling through the rolodex of my mind…that tonight, I’m having trouble shutting down.

I was asleep.  I WAS!!  And then a friend who really doesn't care if I need sleep someone texted me. And woke me up. It exasperated me.  I wanted to text back:  “Get a job.  Then you won’t stay up all night worrying about your kids.  You’ll have to get some sleep.”   But no, the texter flung her worries upon me, and now, I can’t sleep!

I have a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call for a 7 a.m. meeting, people.

It’s now so late that if I sleep, I might miss my meeting.  Very unhealthy, that attitude.  A girl needs her beauty sleep!  Or, this girl does!

So I thought I’d go tripping through the posts in Blogland.  Catch up on everyone’s lives.

And I visited one of my favorites, Irish Gumbo, read and smiled.

Irish has been challenged to find at least one good thing about his day.

Per day.

And he did.

That’s a good exercise for all of us, don’t you think?

I think I’ll take it on.  Kevin, you've inspired me, you have!

My good thing for today?  I’m low on sleep, but I am going to rock my 8:30 a.m. forum where 100 college students get to interview industry professionals and ask all sorts of questions about the industry, their future, and how to best make the leap from college to the oil and gas industry. I even have some recruiters attending!

And who knows?  I may do it again tomorrow.  Not the forum, silly.  The finding of one good thing about my day.  Yup.  I think I will.

And, speaking of today?  I hope you have a good today.  Be blessed. 

And for Pete’s sake, get some sleep!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello, World!

Yikes!  RobBear let me know I’d been a little lax in posting...but we’ve been superduperbusy.  (I know, that’s not a compound word...or adjective...or adverb.)

I can't remember everything, so I'm going to take you on a little photographic journey of the last month…because even if I've not been writing, my camera stays locked and loaded!

I took baby bump pix for friends, who have each subsequently birthed their beautiful babies. We worked.  We had guests for dinner.  We cooked out.  We entertained. We worked. We had a birthday party for ThatManILove.  We traveled. We worked. Bailey the Wonderpup came to visit during Spring Break.  Our friend Tinlee brought her two baby cocker spaniels to see us, along with our friend Raegan.  We worked. Our friend Jenaya cooked birthday dinner for ThatManILove, and everybody came over. Our friend Becky from Pennsylvania came to stay a week with us, while she worked in Midland.  We miss her already.  Our friend Raegan kept us laughing.

My trainer, V'Lesha…at 8.75 months pregnant.  She and her husband had a beautiful little baby girl.
My friends, Jeremy and Jannah.  They had a big little boy, so gorgeous!

Me, and my friend, Becky, from Pennsylvania.  She stayed with us for a week…we miss her already!

Bailey the Wonderpup came back to visit us over spring break.  We love her!
Our friend, Jenaya, who came over to cook for ThatManILove's birthday!  Fun stuff!

Our new friends, Ruthie and Rixie…cocker spaniel pups belonging to Tinlee.

I call this one "Blonde, Redefined."

ThatManILove and one of our good friends, Doug.  Love these guys.
Beautiful Tinlee, owner of Ruthie and Rixie

My friend, Raegan…she makes us laugh all the time!

We've had a busy 30 days, including one trip to Lake Granbury just to sit and look at the water, and a trip to Dallas this past weekend, just to be alone and enjoy each other.

Healing takes time…and love…and friends.

Thanks for your patience…I've missed you, each and every one!