Friday, September 25, 2015

Purple Sage, How I Love Thee.

I'm pretty sure it's Young Living's fault that I have fallen further in love with plants of all kinds.  Nowadays, I'm always looking at plants to see if I can recognize and identify them.

Yesterday morning, I was heading to work and I saw some purple sage, in full bloom.

I'm a desert girl.  I live in the land of high heat, sweltering cars, and the horrible feeling of walking out of a perfectly comfortable air conditioned house into the breathtaking heat of the dog days of August.

But purple sage?  A beautiful thing to see when in it's glory! And it makes the heat bearable...because it bears a promise of cooling to come.

Abloom as in this picture, the purple sage is telling us West Texans, "Hey, y'all. is a'coming this way...and soon."

Better than the farmer's almanac, I tell you.

And what a blessing the rain is, when does it fall.  It's rained the last two days.

I love it.  And I love purple sage bushes.

Long may they bloom.

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