Friday, August 4, 2017

Dex The Plant DogTer

I heard a noise.

A chewing of plastic-type noise.

One of those noises that brings me running.

I turn the corner, and I’m stopped in my tracks.

This is in my living room floor.


This plant.

That probably weighs 10 lbs.

Dex has taken it off the planter stand, and brought it into the living room, a cool driveway’s length away, in. his.mouth.

Thank the Lord it is a purple dew plant, and is super hardy, and it needed thinning anyway.  I just stuck all the broken pieces in one of my garden planters and they’re thriving!

It’s never boring around here.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Visit

Saturday morning started out with a scheduled home visit on behalf of Texas GSP Rescue.

We have a family that has applied to adopt a puppy from the rescue, so that requires a home inspection and visit.

I love performing this service for Texas GSP, mostly because I love the breed, and of course, I love people!  And this visit certainly didn’t disappoint.

I drove up to a beautiful property, text the potential adoptee and drive through a remotely opened gate.  The wife met me at the garage, and led me into the house, where I met her husband, and precious little girl, as well as their rescue lab mix. We all sit at the kitchen table. I look outside, and see two other smaller dogs, and a chicken.  There’s a cat out there somewhere, but I never see it.

I love how all these animals co-exist!  It makes my heart smile.

As I’m interviewing the family, I find out they have a donkey, and share a community horse.  The horse is one they were caring for on behalf of a friend. The neighbors fell in love with the horse, so now it’s become a community horse.  We talk about their property, their fencing, and their plans for their property as they move forward.

About this time, one of the teenage sons walks in, and meets me.  He goes to out to feed the larger animals.  While we’re discussing the ins and outs of rescue and GSP characteristics, another teenage son comes in to greet me.  I knew before I got here they had a blended family of his, hers and ours.  It’s a very vibrant home, but there is no doubt about the peace that reigns within these walls.  This family has been knit together with love, and you can feel it the moment you pass over the threshold

It was an absolute joy to visit this family, and one of the high points of my weekend.  They will be great GSP adopters.  I look forward to seeing their match develop.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mom! Get UP! It's Morning!!

These animals of mine.

They have no concept that

My day of partial rest.

The one day I don’t have to get up out of bed at 5:30 a.m.
So, they’re up and at ‘em, time to go outside, let’s go, Mom.  Can we have a treat, Mom?
Come look at the birds, Mom! Oh, look, a squirrel, Mom!

Okay, we’ll come back to bed, Mom, for exactly 46 minutes.

(46 minutes and 2 seconds later)

Mom!  Wake up!  We must go outside now!  Because…we hear birds!  That means it’s morning and time to get up! Let’s go outside!  The squirrels!  Dogs are walking their humans!  C’mon, mom!

What do you mean we’ve already been outside?  We just got up, we’ve been asleep with you? Don’t you remember? It’s a brand new day!! Can we have a treat, Mom? Come look at the birds, Mom! Oh, look, a squirrel, Mom!

Okay, we’ll come to bed, Mom.

Can we bring our treats?

It's never boring around here.