Monday, December 5, 2011

Deck The Halls!

Today’s been a lovely day, even recuperating.  ThatManILove has pretty much grounded me to one of our living room chairs, my left leg up on pillows, with a circulating polar ice therapy machine cuff wrapped around my knee.
We usually travel over Christmas, due to the fact that both of us had prior marriages and children.  Children of divorce have to split their time between all their parents, so we try to make it as easy on our boys as possible.  

But this year, we had discussed:  Christmas decorations? Yes, or No?

Susan and Jacey Glover of Ruth and Naomi Landscaping came over and put winter color in our flowerbeds.  I heard they were making Christmas wreaths, and asked to see them prior to their show.  They came over and let me pick one out, and and a date to install the tree and decorate was made from there.  They are such sweet ladies, and really know how to put the plush on!  

So...welcome to the creation of our first Christmas tree.
Here it is at the start.
And here come the first ribbons.  Isn’t the lime green color wild?  I love it!

And more decor.

And now, the brown fur ribbon!  Yes, fur!!  (Fake, of course!)

And....all the accoutrements!  Looking awesome, and they're not even finished yet!

The red pheasant feathers.  What?  You've not ever seen a red pheasant?  Take it from me, the accomplished bird hunter…they don't exist.  But aren't they beautiful?

And here?

The wreath, that started it all.  Well, that, and ThatManILove.  Here's a final shot of the tree. 

I like it… this  picture doesn't do it justice - it's absolutely beautiful.

Dang.  Does this mean I have to go shopping now?  But I'm grounded...


  1. Looks lovely, hope you heal fast. I decided to put up decor this year. I have not for the last few years. But with company coming this year, I did decorate.

  2. Looks lovely! I gotta agree with Scope on that shopping suggestion!

  3. love the naturalness of your tree!

  4. Lovely Tree and wreath. Now, you need presents under that tree!

  5. uniquely beautiful-- hard to sit back isn't it I had to last week andsome this...sigh

  6. Awesome you can open your home to the masses to show off the expert job. And pick up some loose change by being a cripple. Alms for the need...

  7. Wow - you did a very nice job on that tree (from your spot on the couch?)

  8. I hope you're healing quickly. That's a great way to get the house in the holiday spirit in a hurry. And yes, as others have said, Amazon is a reliable shopping spot.

  9. The tree looks amazing - and sounds like the man you love,loves you very much so listen to him and stay grounded!

  10. Wow, faux fur ribbon? Fabulous! And I love the lime ribbon. Your friends did a great job on the tree.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and a very happy and healthy New Year!

  11. Marvellous tree, though it could use some presents underneath. I'm sure it got some, eventually.

    Sorry that you've been disabled at an utterly inappropriate time. (Or appropriate; it's all in how YOU see it.)

    I'm back in the world after of month with my computer in the hospital. It's still limping. But I truly hope you aren't.

    Blessings and Bear hugs for 2012, Janie.

  12. P.S.: As for decking the halls:

    Deck the halls with merchandising
    'Tis the time for enterprising
    Profit doesn't need a reason
    Spend the money, it's the season.

    You know where the falalahs go. Ho! ho! ho?


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