Friday, June 10, 2011

All You Need Is Love

Today, as I sat awaiting my flight in the crowded Albuquerque airport, I heard something, and looked up.
It was a lady, probably mid-forties in age, sobbing as she walked towards our gate, talking on the phone.
Oh, Lord.  I knew it was bad, whatever was breaking her heart.  She was absolutely shattered.  I heard her say, “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
I looked at ThatManILove, and he shook his head, no.  I guess he knew it wasn’t time yet.
I played with the little baby I’d been entertaining, helping her pregnant mom snatch a break before her next three hour flight. And then, I got up to go to the bathroom, all the while asking, “What, Lord?  What do I do?”
When I came out of the bathroom, and started heading back to our seats, she was walking towards me, quietly weeping, directly in my path.  I walked right up to her, and
as I did so, she stopped, looking at me, a question in her eyes.
“I think you need a hug - would you let me hold you?  Did you lose someone?”
She nodded “Yes”, and held out her arms, and fell into mine.  She started sobbing again.
I prayed over her, that the Father would hold her, wash over her with peace and comfort, and also do the same for her lost one’s family and friends.  She held me for quite a while, weeping.  My face was wet with tears.
“You must be an angel,” she said.  
“No, I just knew you needed a hug.”
She told me she had lost her friend, who was 36 years young.  I asked if she had been ill for a while, and she looked at me.  I wish I could describe the look on her face, but words fail.  She nodded, looked up at me, and quietly uttered, “Yes.”  
There were a million words in that one “Yes”.
I hugged her again, and her flight was called.  She smiled at me, and said, “Thanks so much - you don’t know how much I needed that hug.”
Though I didn’t say it, I know.  
We all do.
I walked back to my chair, tears streaking down my face.  I looked at ThatManILove, and he smiled.  “I knew you’d do what you do.”
As do we all.
So, go.  Find ya somebody to love on...


  1. That was a very sweet thing that you did.

  2. You're so special... and you ARE an angel. So glad you comforted her, most people would not... they would just look away.


  3. came over from Di's place. seems like you just gave everyone who reads this a hug too... thanks for the tears - and the hug...

  4. Special you. Special post.
    And that woman knows how special you are, wherever she is.

  5. That's pretty special indeed. I do that just sometimes, and other times I'm too afraid to offend or say something stupid. You did this beautifully.

  6. Okay, this is just meant to be--I just sent you an e-mail because you'd stopped by my blog, I followed the crumbs here earlier from Di's blog, and now, here I am again--It's like I've been stalking you, I just didn't realize it until now! :-))

    Okay, I really loved this post and how you reached out to someone and made a difference, a rare quality and one that I admire!! You're someone I'm going to follow and get to know better too if you don't mind!!

  7. Ohhh that was sooooo sweet of you!!!!

    I wish more people would be like you, that would make this world of ours a much better place!

    Thanks for sharing and THANKS for being so nice for that lady!

  8. I know you ARE an angel. I felt that when we met, and knew we were kindred spirits.

    And the song? One of my Favs.

  9. Came over from
    Di's. What a lovely
    and touching post.
    Most people would
    be afraid to ask that
    simple question...So
    nice that you weren't
    one of them!
    xx Suzanne

  10. OH Janie, I just love you so much. What an incredible angel you really are.. . and a willing vessel.

  11. That was a nice story Janie - Dave

  12. What hasn't been said here is how much YOU got from your loving encounter with this woman. By giving her comfort the way you did, you also received comfort and love for yourself.

    The last time I did something like this was at the veterinarian's office a few months ago. There was a woman alone with a rabbit in a carrier. The receptionist greeted the woman, and told her that someone would be right out to take her directly to the comfort room ... this dear woman was at the vet's ALONE to put her rabbit to sleep. I looked at her, she looked at me, and we both teared up and I gave her a hug. I asked if she would like me to sit with her so she wasn't alone, but she declined. If I was in her place, I probably would have wanted to spend my last minutes alone with my bunny, too. But a hug would certainly have been welcome.

    Like many of the others above me here in the comments section, I'm here because Di sent me. I will return, however, often and of my own accord.

  13. Visiting you from Di's blog (because she told me to and I always do what she tells me to do!) --

    What a nice gesture. I'm sure this woman will remember you for a long, long time. :)

  14. That was so kind of you. I am usually too shy to do anything like that. I think it says a lot about what kind of person you are.

  15. Oh my! My second trimester emotions just can't handle reading posts like this while at work. I admire what you did. That was very kind of you!

  16. Oh, such a moving gesture. Lovely.

  17. Very Sweet.

    Congratulations on your POTW!

  18. Janie- Got me all teared up here. So beautiful. You are an angel.
    I came here by way of Hilary--Congrats on your POTW!--and so glad I did. Lots of love and hugs here. I'll be following... ;)
    (BTW--my nickname, growing up, was Janie-girl. My older brother still calls me that. I'll be 50 in a few short months, and I still like that he calls me by that name.)

  19. What a lovely gesture to someone in need. We often forget that there are many in need out there, and a little love can cure many troubles.
    Steve, Out On The Prairie


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