Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Contest, Schmontest - What The Heck Is Janie Talking About?


Nobody bit on the contest blurb.
I didn’t elaborate.
ThatManILove and I are going somewhere.
For a vacay.  A much needed one.
I’ve had contests in the past, you know.
And people had lots of fun, and some received fun things.
One of my favorite contests - Some people went to see James Taylor at Tanglewood, in Lenox, Massachusetts.  You know who you are.  (I only knew one winner personally - now, I feel like I know them all!)  If I remember correctly, there were three or four couples.  
Some people received wine.   (And, I know, Kara, you’re still waiting on yours...but you put the requirement in that I had to bring it personally!)
Some people received t-shirts...from multiple states.
Some people received airline tickets.
One sweet blogging friend received some cool made in Texas wine glasses.  Heck, I’d never even met her.  And then?  We surprised attending her wedding.  In Mississippi.  And meeting two other bloggers (one of which was the groom!) in the process.  
All that to reading my blog, you’re getting a little taste of our Vida Loca…sporadic as the posting may seem.  I really really am still here…when I can be.
By reading this blog, you’re visiting Casa De Crazy....the House of never know what’s gonna happen, but it’s never boring.
And first person to guess the right answer will win something from there.  And if, by chance, you already know where we’re headed to, please exclude yourself from the contest, okay?
My next posting, I’ll give at least one hint.


  1. Replies
    1. Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh, I wanna take ya….


  2. You are heading for the State of Confusion.

  3. I think you are going...THERE. And I know you will have a good time THERE.

    1. Well, that was the good ol' college try, huh?

  4. Alaska?

    I really stopped by to say, "Happy Mother's Day!"

  5. You're going to the state of altered sensibilities. A new state of mind. To see new sights and sites. You could be coming to Canada — but I don't expect yo to show up anywhere near the Bears' place.

    Or maybe you're going to take a psychedelic trip without leaving home.

    Matters not. Just have fun in the process. And come home healthy, please.

  6. Oh Gawd! You've found out that The Midlife Gals have up and moved to wacky Waikiki! We only have one sofa bed, so if you're bringing dogs...well, there's the Holiday Inn on Kalakaua!

    We'r'e still at our madness, it's just that now, we've been lei'ed, and it feels SO good!!

    KK and Sal

  7. Your blog is awesome, love it! :)


  8. Vegas! (you need a cool break from the Texas heat)


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