Monday, September 17, 2012

Childhood Memories…Water

Saturday afternoon found my friend Connie and I cruising towards Colorado City, Texas, to take advantage of a shoe sale...hey, stranger things have happened, right?

Two friends, for some 29 years, driving 80 miles east because they heard a sale was going down?

We heard.  We went.  We conquered.

And then?  We drove to Lake Colorado City.  Home to many of my memories.  Going to college, then heading to the lake to catch a couple hours of slick water skiing. 

“It was like glass today...yummy!”  

My brother and I, sun-baked brown as berries, loved that water.  Our dad was a fisherman, but he rarely took us with him.  So, once we could drive, we made our own memories - water skiing.  Camping.  Having tons of fun, with friends.

We water-skiied every day, when we could.  Sometimes, starting in February.  Couldn't wait for the lake to warm.
We were wild and crazy.

At a lake, 40 miles from our home town.  And we loved it.  Nothing brought exhaustion like sun and lake water and skiing, skiing, skiing.

So many awesome memories, smiles, laughter.

We drove to the boat ramp at the lake.  I had heard how much the lake had gone down due to the drought.  I had no clue.  Hearing is one thing.  Seeing with your own eyes?  Another.

Boat Ramp, State Park, Lake Colorado City, Texas

 This breaks my heart.


  1. I didn't see any water skiers out there.

  2. yeah. saw a lot of that around here last year. this year is better for most in this area.

  3. The saying is, I believe, "No woman can have too many shoes." From my experience, that is probably true.

    Sorry to hear someone stole your lake on you. It was probably one of those mythical "climate-warming gremlins."

    Thanks again for the birthday greeting.

  4. Wow.. that certainly illustrates the change in the lake. Hopefully a change in weather will revive it. Until then, you have your wonderful memories.

  5. OMG! The lake is a puddle!!! Water has an energy all its own, doesn't it. It's almost as if it died.


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