Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Passports...What Is The Real Expiration Date?

Mi Vida Loca!

 It's been crazy...y'all check your passports! If you think you have three months to go before it expires, guess again! I had to expedite expires Sept 8, 2015. We get back from this trip on June 13. For my passport to work, it would have to expire Sept 14, 2015. Late Friday afternoon found me contacting RushMyPassport, and fedex-ing my passport to San Francisco, for delivery Tuesday morning at 8:30 am in Midland. Which would have been fine - - - but the US State Department had a computer glitch so no passport for Janie on Tuesday. Instead, Steve and I picked that bad boy up this morning at UPS at DFW. (it's never boring around here.) 

Trip ON! Thank you, Jesus!

Here's the real scoop on passports and expiration dates:

Passport Expiration - Don't Get Stuck!

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