Monday, March 21, 2011

Clone Me. Please.

My favorite picture of the weekend!

I woke up at three this morning.  "Write?"  I heard.  It was my evil twin, posing as a little demon, sitting on my shoulder.   I know that my dreams would be sweeter, my sleep more sound, if I could get all this stuff on paper. "You can't write!" it said.

Grrrrrrrr.  Like I'm going to let that little twit get it's way.
I must write.  I pull out the computer, and then...I just can't.  I’ve been feeling like I am unable.  Too many things going down.  Tonight, I promise myself.  Well, tonight is here.  And yeah, I've got lots on my mind, and my heart.

Firstly, little Cameron's death knocked the wind out of all of our sails.  And then, the living- her sweet mommy, and big brother.  How can we best help them breathe, and move forward, yet honor their precious girl?
Sweet Cameron, her mom and brother.
And, then, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The entire situation breaks my heart.  I can't even imagine.  And now the nuclear tragedy.  All of it is horrific.

And then, walking down our own paths, with our sons.  How best to help them get down their own roads?  We start planning our vacation trip to Alaska...knowing that it’s probably the last time our boys will be going with us on vacation, prior to spouses being in the picture.  We know that time's coming soon, and we want to honor them.

And then - NEWSFLASH!  Younger Son announces his engagement.  On Facebook.  If it weren’t so freakin' real, it would be funny!  We knew he was going to ask his sweetie for her hand in marriage, but we weren’t expecting it quite so soon, and certainly not to be announced on the all-encompassing Facebook!  We had to implement some damage control so that all immediate family members would be in the know.  We look back on it now and laugh.  Aren't they cute?  He's always such a twerp when Mamarazzi's around.
I'm getting a daughter-in-love!!!  Yeehah!
These boys of ours are never boring!
So....the upcoming wedding is in early June, and the Alaska trip is in late June.  We’ll be minus one son, and by then, one daughter-in-love - they’ll be on their honeymoon in Montego Bay! We’ll be fishing with our other son in Alaska!  (If I ever finish the plans for the trip, that is!) find a yard person.  And - to finish our remodeling.  (I think I'm drowning in dust from moving walls, sanding, etc.) And - to plan a wedding.  I've booked more photography dates.  And then, to  plan our Alaskan fishing trip.  Oh, yeah - and to meet sweet daughter-in-love’s parents, and soon!  And workie, workie, work!

He's going to be one loved little boy!

Oh....did I tell you our housecleaner is pregnant?  Due on the 30th? 

I love this picture - Casey & Andy are beautiful.
 And our dogwalker?  Pregnant.  Due in 5 weeks.  

It must be the water, or lack thereof, around here.  I told them both they could have off 3 days.  Yeah, right.  They’re our extended families.  They can take off as long as they need.  
Speaking of pregnant lifesavers, I guess you've figured out I was the designated baby bump photographer - this is what I did my last two Saturdays.  Oh, yeah - we love them...and I think I’ll give them both 4.5 days off.  Now, back to my list. 

Martha, Tony & their daughters.

The entire family....for now!
These young ladies are ready for their little brother to arrive!  They were all SooooooSweet!!!
They are so beautiful!

And here we have...the belly comparison!
Speaking of babies, I did take pix of little Kingston and his parents a week ago.  Isn't he a darling?

Okay, enough!  Enough!  

I'm back.  I'll try to post more regularly.

Happy trails to you...until we meet again!


  1. Very kind of you to give them time off, although they will need a few more days, don't you think? Unless they are live-ins and count on you to keep your eyes on their new borns while they do their jobs. They did that back home in India when I was a little girl. My Mom's dishwashing lady would bring her grandson and we would play with him while the grandma did the dishes.

  2. When I got engaged, we were in a PANIC to get the family called before the news hit Facebook. And no one was answering their home or cell phones!

  3. Munir - I'm really just teasing about the girlies' days off. They both will certainly need more time than 3 days or 4.5 days. I was being sarcastic, as is my wont. Alas. ;)

    Scope - I know, Facebook is crazy, isn't it? I bet y'all were bustin' all out to get everyone notified! hahahaha!

  4. Woah! You could have a new career - baby bump photographer!

  5. I love all of the pictures here. They were beautifully captured. Totally adore the belly picture with hands all over it. The picture alone conveys of love for the unborn from his family. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.:-)


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