Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am so unsettled this week.  My world has cracked.
Sunday, a week ago, we had winds in excess of 60 mph.  And we’re in a drought in this western part of the country.  Drought + wind + any unknown incident = raging, running, life-taking fires.
Fires that eat up miles and miles, and swallow whole anything that gets in their way.
There was a 7 car pileup on Interstate 20 on Sunday, due to this raging fire, and a life was lost.
A young, beautiful, 5 year old sweet girly-girl - an awesomely gorgeous, precocious, smart young lady.
The same young girl I photographed, along with her big brother, back in November.
I have friends who have lost a child.  It is horrifically sad.  And now, another friend, and yet another child.
I am friends with the little girl’s mom and have known her since she was a wee lass, herself.  I have absolutely nothing to say to her...all I can do is hold her.  There are no words.  
I am absolutely heartbroken.
We all are.

Rest in peace, sweet baby girl.  You are forever loved.



  1. I am sorry for the loss of your friends child. Any time a child dies, it is heart breaking.

  2. Unspeakably tragic. My heart goes out to you, and especially the family and other close friends.

  3. Oh Dear God Janie,
    I am so very sad and sorry to hear of this loss. I cannot even imagine the pain you all are feeling right now. Her parents must be so inside a world of sad right now.

    You are a dear sweet friend to that sweet baby girl's mom. There are no words. Being held and just sitting in the sadness without saying anything is the most comfort during a loss of a life.

    I am praying for you guys. So sorry to hear this.

    Hugs and love and prayers,

  4. There are no words...but if there were, yours would be it.

    Another prayer flag up on the mountain. So sorry, my dear.

  5. Oh how very sad. You are right there are no words to comfort in these times.

  6. I think this is probably one of the very worst things a person has to endure.

    Thinking of you and missing you, Janie.

  7. Sending you a heart-felt hug to have the strength to help her family through this. Sometimes I just shake my head and can't believe how unfair life is at times. There simply are no words to help a parent through the loss of a child.


  8. Beautiful baby girl, you are so loved. Beautiful words. There is no why for a lost child, only anger and tears. I'm so sorry.

  9. Oh no - that's awful. I'm so sorry...

  10. There ARE no words. The best thing you can do is what your instincts told you to do: hold her.

  11. Very sad. Just heard yesterday that a childhood friend lost his daughter in a car accident, same age as my own daughter, traveling from college from the same area that my own daughter goes to school. It is very shocking when young life in particular is cut short.


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