Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy Girl

Event season is over for this year.

I'm so glad.

Another reason I'm happy?  After the API Team Roping (my last event!) Brody and Emily came home for a couple of days, with horses and dogs in tow.  And that, my dears, makes a mama happy.

Happy trails, until we meet again!


  1. Enjoy the visit! Always nice to have them home.

  2. Love the boots!! Enjoy your visit!!! :-D

  3. LOVE the boots, and there's nothing that sends me into nirvan more than the smell of a sweating horse. Weird, but the squeak of a leather saddle comes in second next to the heavenly smell of a horse.

  4. Love those boots. :-)

    Admire people on horses. My only time on one I was thrown and broke my arm!


  5. What great photo's! I want me a pair of boots like that..

  6. OH, yes! Time to relax a bit, with family.
    But not too much. You've still got a job, I trust.


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