Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Boy and Reg

Thought I'd post some really neat pics of Brody's new Aussie pup,  Reginald.  Well, his real registered name  is LaReginald Eugene Jackson-Freeman-Snipes.  Don't ask, I don't have a clue.  We were at the USTRC roping in Abilene.

Brody calls him "Reg".

Reg was sitting in the stands with us.  When
he saw Brody, he jumped down and ran to the fence.

Totally happy when he's with his Brody.

Teaching him to ride on the saddle.

And to jump into his arms.

Three happy, happy beings.
Happy trails!


  1. oh, i love this!!! i'm so glad he went right back into another dog after his sorrowful loss. nothing heals a heart better than another sweet, smart, loving pup!!!

  2. There is nothing more heart warming than a man with his dog. Well, there is a glass of Jack on ice...

  3. How sweet is that as they start to build their bond and connection!!

  4. These photos are heart-warming Jane - Dave


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