Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You For the Rain!

Oh, my Lord. I’m so excited!
It finally rained here tonight.
Not once.  Not twice.
But three times.
It smells so good and fresh.   I would show you a picture, but it's 1:15 a.m.  So, just sit back, imagine you can hear the sound of rain drops hitting…everything!  And that you can smell the freshly washed air.  Take a minute - it will be well worth it!
I am so very thankful.
Have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. Hope the rain is nice and gentle and soaking.

  2. Such exuberance in this post! I can smell the rain. But I'm glad it's sunny-briight here this morning (we've had our fill of the wet stuff lately).

    Oh happy rains to you, Janie Girl!

  3. Wonderful to hear! Enjoy the wet weather. :)

  4. Yayyyy!! Our first rain of the season gave us that wet dirt smell too. I love that smell. You must feel so relieved.

  5. we've got some falling here this morning! unfortunately, my contractors were trying to finish painting the house and got rained out! timing! damn!

  6. Rain! Does that mean all the fires are out?

  7. So happy for you..I hope it pours for a few days:)

  8. Rain after long dry spells is great to have. I like to go and stand out in it - Dave


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