Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Found Another Me!! (Well, sort of…)

I’m always gritching and whining about needing another me, because I’m so busy all the time with travel, etc..  
A good salesperson needs time to assimilate all the information he or she has collected, and share that information with bosses, coworkers, etc.  That’s how sales begins with a collection of information, and ends with the proper dissemination of that information, and then delegation of such, if one has a team.  And then, one goes from there to building relationships, being a solution provider, etc.
I came a little closer to that goal - the one of finding another me -  today.
I found an iPhone app for importing contacts.  
People, people, people are my resume.  I’ve gathered quite a few work acquaintances, customers and friends over 27 years in the oil and gas industry.
Before this morning, I had 6837 contacts in my iPhone.
I am not kidding.
Within 45 minutes, I had uploaded 50 more, bringing that total to 6887.  All by taking simple picture of each card.  If the card was a regular white card, with simple graphics, it took about 30 seconds to take the photo of the card, check for accuracy, and export to my phone.
This is revolutionary, people.
The app is WorldCard for iPhone.  WorldCard also has apps for Droid, Blackberry, and others.  AND if you use Cloud, you can send the card there, too.  Cloud means you never evah evahevahevah lose your stuff (relatively speaking).
My particular app was $5.99.  Best bang for the buck I’ve had in a while.
Wanted to share.  If you only meet 10 people a month, it’s worth it.

Here's a quickie youtube review of how it works.  Thanks, Jonathan! You ROCK!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again!  (and when we do, I'll have your contact info & blog in my contacts in about 2.3 seconds, thanks to WorldCard!)


  1. I use to have all my contacts on an Excel spread sheet. This was before all the cool stuff available now, but no were near as many as you have. But since I've retired, I have no need to keep in contact with those peeps. There were there just for work purposes and I had no desire to socialize with them...unless I was visiting on a business agenda. I now have around 150 in my iPhone now. But you seem to have the problem of keeping up with your peeps under control.

  2. That's a terrific app Jane. Isn't modern technology great! I watched the video - Dave

  3. I have a Droid and that app sounds fantastic! I am in sales too so I meet a lot of people and receive a lot of business cards.


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