Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Need Rehab...Maybe...I Guess

I guess that the little email robots and blog minions thought when I said I had a lack of sleep problem and showed all those sizes of cups, that I really meant I had a drinking problem.

So, they sent me this email ad.  

I am a little bit addicted to Tazo Chai Tea.  Yeah.
Like Venti 7 pump chai, extra hot.
Or Venti 7 pump chai frap, no whip.

And essential oils.  Flat out hooked.

Does that count?

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  1. Very funny. Lately I can't seem to sleep if I lie on my back. I'll lay there forever wide awake. Once I roll over on my side I'm off to dream land. Maybe my brain still thinks I'm at the office when I'm staring at the ceiling :) Bought some good peppermint tea to see if that will help.


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