Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

These Wonderdogs of ours…crack us up.

Zanna has to pull down the back cushion of this chair for added comfort before she settles in to her naptime.

I took one picture, blurred it, woke her up while taking another, and she gave me this look.  She’s such a prima dona.

Not so much Dex.

He will sleep anywhere, and most usually has his back to the outside of the couch.  Where, eventually, he might stretch a wee bit, and fall off the couch.

Oh, yes, he does.

While sleeping.  And the fall doesn’t wake him. Which makes us laugh.  Still, he sleeps.

We love these dogs.

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  1. EVERY dog deserves to be loved. I'm so glad those two have you to do that for them. They are beautiful. Are they Blue Tick? I know that sounds silly since they're red, but still...


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