Saturday, June 4, 2016

Why We Choose To Use Young Living Essential Oils

Let's face it, there are oodles of essential oil companies out there and deciphering the difference between "organic", "100% pure", "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade", and all the other labels can make your head spin (there's an oil for that). Truth be told, there is very little regulation when it comes to essential oils. The only requirement by the government is that each bottle contain 5% actual essential oil. If it meets this requirement then any of those labels are permissible even if mostly what you are purchasing is filler.

There is limited regulation when it comes to distillation (extraction of the oils) as well, meaning some companies opt for a higher yield, more cost effective route by using chemical solvents which is then present in the final product. This can lead to skin reactions and render the oil useless. Proper heat and pressure are needed to protect the properties that make oils so effective and Young Living has mastered this process, which guarantees you'll be able to use less oil with consistent results.

Here is a quick break down of why so many people, including my family,  exclusively choose Young Living.

   Seed to Seal Young Living is the only company to guarantee the highest level of purity and authenticity from the seeds they choose all the way to bottling the purest, most potent, most effective oil on the market.
   Young Living owns their own farms.
   They weed the fields by hand.
   Pest control is done using essential oils.
   Anyone can visit the farms and participate in the planting, harvesting, and distillation process.
   Largest selection of essential oil singles and blends.
   Each batch of oils is rigorously tested.

The true test will transpire when you put them to the test and have your own experience. I can guarantee that once you've used Panaway for your muscles post workout, or Peppermint to support your digestive system, you will be yet another skeptic turned believer!

To learn more, go here.   

I'll be back!  I have Dex stories to tell you!

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