Friday, August 12, 2016

Crazy Times Around Casa Del Snelsonez

It’s been the craziest week.

We arrived in Texas from a Young Living Gold Retreat in beautiful Spokane, only to drive 5 hours to another retreat, this time a spiritual one.  Both were extremely good for the soul.

My mind is on overload!

And Monday?  Back to work in the oilfield!  It’s a good think I have Jesus and ThatManILove and these oils and these silly dogs to help keep me grounded and facing forward and going!

In addition to work, this week, we’ve attended a funeral, had overnight company, and dog trainers, and dog sitters flowing through our house.  One of my couple friends lost their sweet grand baby, and my heart so hurts for them.  More friends face health issues.  Life sometimes is just not fair.

Dex the rescue German Shorthair hurt his foot in the kennel, so he’s walking wounded, but doing well with his training.  Zanna is milking whatever she can, well, for whatever she can, as usual.  These dogs crack me up.

And voila, Friday is already here, and I have two vendor shows this weekend.

Where did this week go?

Next week will be pretty busy, as well, with work travel and presentations.

I’m working on the balance side of it all, trying to get it all done and achieve balance.

Maybe investing a little more time in writing will help.  I hope so.  I’ve missed writing!  I like the download aspect of it.

And thing remains - it's never boring around here!

Happy trails!

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