Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Mac is Back

My Mac has been in the hands of a trusted friend, being tweaked.  
Somehow, in all my UnMacNess, I had duplicated my contacts in my iPhone.  Not a big deal, unless your 5000+ contacts turn into 10,000+ by a simple duplication error.  One that I was unable to fix.
So, thanks, J.P., for healing My Mac - and thusly, me.
I can breathe easier.
I’ve become addicted to my Mac.  I feel empty when it’s gone.  I don’t even like to type on my Windows machine anymore, though I’m somewhat forced by work to do so.
But when I’m on my Mac?  I feel free - the creative juices flowing.
Is that in my head, or what?
Anyway....I’m baaaaaack!


  1. It's a scientifically verifiable fact that using a Mac automatically increases your IQ by 50 points.

    At least that's what Steve Jobs once said to me in a vision.

  2. Oh Janie, there were tears in my eyes as I read this. I've been stuck using a donated PC for quite some time now since my very old Mac is on its last legs and we can't afford to replace it right now. It hurts my heart.

  3. My sympathies, and I echo the Captain. I'm still on a PC laptop that I can't afford to replace right now, and I hear the call of the Mac...

    Release the (creative) hounds!

  4. I have never owned a Mac but my last name is Mack. Does that count?

  5. More important that you are back than the Mac. But, we rejoice in your delight.

  6. Most Mac owners feel free on a Mac. We have 2 iMacs in our house as well as an iPad. Still need a Mac Air and then will be good to go.

    It's not in your head. Macs are what a computer is supposed to be.


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