Sunday, December 19, 2010

For Love of Home = aka Love You, Jackie!

It’s been a pretty fun week.
We’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks in the DFW area. Though I was recovering from a medical procedure, we still were able to visit with many of our friends from the DFW area, a little at a time.  Great stuff. Thursday evening, when we headed up to Oklahoma to see Elder Son.  We booked a hotel room in that small town, drove there (I slept, I think) and promptly went to bed.
We slept late the next morning, then met Elder Son and his friends for lunch.  They were a hoot, and we can’t wait to spend more time with them.  We're thankful for the time our son is spending with them.  After lunch, we went to the facility where they work/train horses, and enjoyed even more time.
Around 5 p.m., Steve and I left to head west to another couple’s house, where we stayed for the remainder of the weekend.  We had a great time there - we figured out it had been almost 10 years since we had visited their house.  Time does fly! We played games with their family, ate great food, and hung out. Fun stuff!
We headed back to Midland today, and I was so excited to be heading home.  It feels like we’ve been gone forever, but of course, that’s not the truth.
We stopped at Munday, Texas, to visit a fellow blogger, Jackie from  For Love of Home.  She had no idea we were coming.  We had never met, up until today, so we were taking a huge chance that she might even be home. 
We pulled up in front of her house, and her husband was leaving.  He pulled up behind us, and I walked up to his window and explained what I wanted to do.  He parked, got out of his vehicle with a smile, and walked Steve and I up to the door.
I rang the doorbell, and Jackie answered, with this slightly puzzled look on her face.  
I said, “Yes, ma’am.  I was wondering - might I use your bathroom?”
She said, “Well, ummm...”  She looked past me, to my husband, and to hers, and looked back at me.
I said, “No really, my name is Janie.  And I was wondering if I might borrow your bathroom?”
We all cracked up, once she realized I was no stranger, that I was her long-time blogging buddy.
We had a great visit, and Steve and I fell in love with the both of them.    I believe Jackie  eventually recovered from her initial shock, because we all laughed a lot. We stayed for a while (hopefully not too long!), then headed on home. It was a very good day.
Red sequined shoes.  Click. Click. Click of the heels. 

And I am home, with ThatManILove.  Unpacked.  And in bed. Full of smiles from the last two weeks.  And I got to hang out with Elder Son, twice, and Younger Son, once.  You can't go wrong there, people. 

Sweet, mi vida loca.  Sweet.


  1. Only Janie!!! Lol love ya

  2. Janie, you are one gutsy broad.


    Sorry I'm late to the party here.


  3. Hey, Janie -

    Love your new blog and love this story! So glad to have you back in the blogosphere...and I'm sending huge holiday wishes!

    BTW, you can always stop by and use my can. Just sayin'.




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