Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meeting Myself Coming and Going

It’s been a busy time.

My eldest brother-in-love has been at MD Anderson, and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time with he and the family there.  And yeah - I still hate cancer.
I’ve been all over everywhere for business meetings.
And during this time, when we’re at the hospital in Houston, who decides to make his appearance in Austin, but our little grandson, Eli?  Weighing a sweet 8.8 lbs and measuring 20.5 inches long! He is absolutely gorgeous, and mom and dad are both doing well.  So proud of them.

Did I have my camera with me?  No.  We left so fast to go to Houston, and thought we'd return quickly, that I didn't take it.  Hopefully I'll get to take some great pictures of the little man soon!
I swore I would try to post every day, but our “every day” lately has been full of work/hospitals/flying/travel and of course, we went to meet Eli.  How cool it is to see ThatManILove hold his grandson!  And how cool it is to see YoungerSon rocking it as a dad, and his beautiful wife rocking it as a mom.  Isn’t it neat how parents just learn as they go, and they do an awesome job at it?  Awesome to watch. Awesome, I say.

We’ve had a friend in from North Carolina who ministers in Kenya during   a portion of the’s so good to see her! 

So, faithful readers, I’ll get track on back soon, I promise.  Just hang with me here a bit while we get through this wee patch of taking care of business at hand.  And then, go pick up the Wonderdogs from the trainer.  God, I miss them so.

Until then, happy trails to you!


  1. Wow that's amazing! Congrats on the new grandbaby. :) Enjoy.

  2. congratulations to you on your grandson! i can tell you're just a wee bit excited! as it should be!

    good luck to your family in their battles...

  3. I'm envious. My grand-kids are 13 an 16. I WANT MORE. I WANT LITTLE NEW ONES. So I do know your joy in watching everything unfold (and thinking, damn I went through that and asked the same questions back in the day.) You stay healthy, too.

  4. Wondergrandson complements Wonderdogs. All part of the family. Eli has gone from baby bump to "live and in the flesh" human creature of God. Sadly, on the other end, your bother-in-love. And you, trying to attend to both ends of life while living in the middle.

    Blessings and Bear hugs all around, pls.

  5. Back on track? I have been trying to find the track. I have been away for quite a while myself. It is good to see you here. Always good to connect with you.

  6. I'm sorry for your family's struggles but how beautiful to welcome a grandchild into the world. Congratulations. :)

  7. Bad luck. I always mean to take the camera with me wherever we go, but often forget. Pen and paper I remember, but not always the camera. Super post.

  8. So sorry about your BIL, Janie. I wish him and your family healing and good health.

    And congrats on the grandbaby! That's great news!

  9. And I complain if I have to go to the grocery store AND get gasoline. Now I feel rather pathetic. Sorry for your stress.


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