Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Find One Good Thing About Your Day


This morning, specifically 1:11 a.m. this morning, finds me in a hotel room in Houston, at the AADE National Fluids Conference.  (That’s drilling fluids, y’all.)

And of all things, I’m unable to sleep.   Too much on my mind.  Work.  Kids.  Golf Tournament. Husband. Work. Kids. Work. Charity Shoot. Kids.  Adopted kids.

A constantly rotating plethora of inane stuff rolling through the rolodex of my mind…that tonight, I’m having trouble shutting down.

I was asleep.  I WAS!!  And then a friend who really doesn't care if I need sleep someone texted me. And woke me up. It exasperated me.  I wanted to text back:  “Get a job.  Then you won’t stay up all night worrying about your kids.  You’ll have to get some sleep.”   But no, the texter flung her worries upon me, and now, I can’t sleep!

I have a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call for a 7 a.m. meeting, people.

It’s now so late that if I sleep, I might miss my meeting.  Very unhealthy, that attitude.  A girl needs her beauty sleep!  Or, this girl does!

So I thought I’d go tripping through the posts in Blogland.  Catch up on everyone’s lives.

And I visited one of my favorites, Irish Gumbo, read and smiled.

Irish has been challenged to find at least one good thing about his day.

Per day.

And he did.

That’s a good exercise for all of us, don’t you think?

I think I’ll take it on.  Kevin, you've inspired me, you have!

My good thing for today?  I’m low on sleep, but I am going to rock my 8:30 a.m. forum where 100 college students get to interview industry professionals and ask all sorts of questions about the industry, their future, and how to best make the leap from college to the oil and gas industry. I even have some recruiters attending!

And who knows?  I may do it again tomorrow.  Not the forum, silly.  The finding of one good thing about my day.  Yup.  I think I will.

And, speaking of today?  I hope you have a good today.  Be blessed. 

And for Pete’s sake, get some sleep!


  1. One good thing about today is that you can go home... tonight, turn off your phone!

    1. I''m home…in bed…one dog snoozing under the covers with me, another running around, so excited I'm home. Now if ThatManILove would get home from the field!

  2. I was asleep, but now I'm awake, too. At 5:21 aye hem.

    What a night not to be sleeping! Yesterday my first day "on the job" after years of not being gainfully employed (i.e., retired). Today, at work this morning, caring for grandchildren this afternoon, and this evening . . . I'm not sure.

    I hope you have a great meeting and an exciting forum. And an afternoon nap(?).

    Adopted kids? Bear missed something there. (Bear is not the brightest creature i the bush.)

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    (The Bear has spoken — to you.)

    1. I can see I have to catch up "agin", my friend Bear!

      Adopted kids: Not really adopted legally, but heart-wise. It seems that the younger industry professionals around me…lots of them have parents living away, so they hang out with us. And sometimes that means helping them with their responsibilities. Sometimes, they even live with us.

      The doors always open!

  3. Psssst.. turn your alert sounds off! ;)

    The finding one good thing is always a good exercise. I'm sure you rocked the forum.

    1. The forum was awesome…and yeah, I should have turned my alerts off!

  4. awww. hope that forum went really well! and i think you need to chastise your texting friend! :)

    1. The forum rocked - the students said it was the best thing that had ever happened to them in their college years!

  5. Good to hear from you again..I see you are busy as a bee in a field of flowers..I hear the Bluebonnets are bloomin down there..take a photo if you see some:)

    1. I will see some bluebonnets this weekend - we're going to our grandson's dedication. We, however, live in the desert, where bluebonnets don't thrive. Excited to see some, and have camera will travel! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I have a hard time falling asleep too. It's terrible when you look at the clock and realize you've been staring at the ceiling for 2 hours. Just awful. Glad you found a silver lining. :)

    1. Ha! I got home last night and finally got some sleep! Nothing is more frustrating, though, you're right!


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