Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday...

Today felt like Monday since it was my first full day in the office.
I’m behind due to travel, have a lot of things going on, and my mind is working overtime - again.
I believe I need a Thursday, just to think.
Do you ever shut down, for a day, and think about things?
I’m going to need that, sooner than later.  Some quiet time.  No distractions.  A little break from the here and now to think about things to come.
It’s almost Friday now, but some 24 hour period in the near future, be warned.  Because, I’m going to name you Thoughtful Thursday...and we are gonna have a date, me and you.

Just me and you.


  1. I'm ADHD, I shut down 20 or 30 times a day to think ... daydream ... look at shiny things ... squirrel!!!

  2. awww. hope you get that downtime soon...

  3. Ah...some quiet time to think! Sounds wonderful. We all need it!

  4. dangerous idea! what if you stand back and look, then say: 'ATF am I doing with my life!?' and quit your job?

  5. Like you, I tend to do my thinking in the midst of doing one thousand other things. Quiet time is something we should all be forced to do, for at least 10 minutes per day. Maybe this is why I like long walks so much. Time.To.Think.

    1. Long walk…that's the ticket! But early in the morning, when it's not close to 90. I think I'll do that in the morning!

      I do, indeed, need to force myself to get quiet.


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