Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Skipped April Fools Day!

Whew.  I made it through April Fool’s day.

Thank you, Lord.

I stayed super busy all day, working on a project.  I was so busy, I don’t even think I ate breakfast.  I know ThatManILove went and picked up P. F. Changs to go.  And all I have to say about that, is Yum.  But back to busy.  I’ve been crazy busy and it’s only Monday.

And tomorrow, the DUG Permian Conference starts.  Another busy day.  Actually, a busy week.  

I found out the business center at the hotel is there to make money for the business center.  Whatever happened to customers using the business center, to, ummm, get their business done as a perk of staying at a nice hotel?  Eeeeek.  I printed one three page document and it cost me $8.32.

I think I’m going to run to Fedex Kinkos tomorrow and print me some things off!  Good grief!

Or, if it’s not too far, I could run to my company office in this town...maybe that will be an option.  I’ll have to make a phone call tomorrow.

It might be better to just go buy a cheap printer.

I think I’m going to start a business, in each hotel, called a Business Center.

At these rates, I could probably make a whole lot more money!!!

Have a good April 2nd, y’all!


  1. Everything is a profit center these days. No more free stuff just to get you to stay.

  2. I actually forgot that it was April's Fool Day. Not one prank!

  3. You're no fool is you skipped April Fools day. Bright lady, you are.

    You're also smarter than the average Business Centre operator. Good for you!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  4. That is a bit of a gouge-fee.


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