Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PeaEye Parker Snags A Black Eye

Kind of a laid-back weekend.  Our adopted daughter and our goddaughter came in to spend the night with us, and we had a great time with them.  And we’re babysitting Pea The Wondercowpup.  (Which, I know, totally negates the “laid-back” portion of this story.

Later, our friend Prudie came over for supper.  She’s such a funny lady, she makes me laugh!

We were visiting, and all of a sudden, Pea the Wonder Cowpup starts yelping...in pain.  

We turned, just in time to see Zack the Wonderdog baring his fangs.  Pea came running to me and jumped on the chair with me.

I guess Pea had just stumbled over Zack right when Zack was going into post-dinner carb nap.  And he turned and bit Pea.  In the eye area.

Blood?  Everywhere.

Freak out?  Me.

I ran and got a wet paper towel and once I got Pea settled down, went to work on that eye to try to find the wound.  I could never find it.  But I dang sure knew it was there, somewhere.

Pea acted fine after that, but I just couldn’t determine the extent of the damage.  His eye didn’t swell, until he woke up.  And whoooooeeeeee.  C’mon, 8:30 a.m., I need the vet to open!

So, off Pea and I go this morning to the vet clinic, and everything is fine.  Our vet prescribed an antibiotic drop, which he sweetly takes...when I can get him to be still enough!

It could have been so much worse...

I wish my son would come get his pup!  It’s that time when, like I’ve heard all grandparents talk about, you spoil ‘em rotten, let them get filthy, and THEN send them home to their parents.

I love this pretty pup.  Even though he's too busy wagging his butt to stay still for a picture.

Pea Eye Parker the Wonder Cowpup


  1. Looking at him he reminds me of this guy


  2. Poor bleery-eyed pup. Zack is a good guy, until you walk all over him when he's sleeping. The he let you know how "not amused" he is. Sigh.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
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