Monday, December 2, 2013

Viewing Cyber Monday In a Whole New Light

Good morning! If you didn't know, it’s Cyber Monday.

And for most people, that means you can buy your Christmas gifts online today, not have to stay in line or fight the crowds.

But for me?  I cyber-shop all the time.  My town doesn’t quite have the selection of clothing, etc. that I need.  It’s easier for me to get it delivered!

So, back to Cyber Monday again...

My bloggy friend Scope came up with the idea of having a Cyber Monday - one in which we all link to each other.

Hopefully, the blog world will take notice and pick up their pens, I mean -  poise their fingers above the keyboard - and write some posts to catch us up on their lives!

As well, I'm hopeful Cyber Monday will provide me a great chance to hook up with blogging know, those people whose blogs I used to read daily, when they still posted?

Remember that song “Video Killed the Radio Star?”

I think “Facebook Killed the Blogging Star.”  I hope not, but Facebook has surely cut into my posting.  I get that instant gratification when I post on Facebook.  Oh, I may not know all those who “like” me, but I still get the attention, right?  But, oh!  How I miss blogging and reading blogs!  I, at least for most of this year, have tried to post Monday through Friday on my blog...but still will sometimes go for days without posting.  But hey, I’m better than I was - I would go months without posting!

I don't think I'll ever be a blogstar...but I love to write about the happenings around Casa De Crazy.

So, go visit Scope, and you can see all the other bloggers participating in Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday, my friends and faithful readers!


  1. I am not much of an online shopper but when I did live in my tiny town in the States, I online shopped a lot more as I didn't have much for options either.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'll be sure to come back and visit :)

  2. I think Twitter was more the death blow for the Blogosphere moreso than Facebook (not saying that FB didn't have some hand in the slow decline of the Blogosphere), at least according to some (Tom Standage, for one).

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my lengthy prose.

  3. TOTALLY with the Facebook killing blogging thing. I was just saying the same thing! I was reading some of my old posts the other day, and I was all "Hey, I'm funny!" Or "Hey, I SO miss doing this." It's one thing to be "on" all the time on FB, but being able to really say something longer than a teeny box is refreshing. And I miss my bloggy friends. :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Facebook is the culprit. It's just easier, I suppose.

    Oh, and I am pro online shopping 365 days a year as well. *le sigh* :-)


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