Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blessings To You and Yours

It’s Christmas Eve. We’ll be headed towards a new year soon, and I’ve been reflecting. Remembering the ups and downs of the last year, the tears and thankfully, the laughter. The blessings that have been showered down upon my life - my husband, my sons, my daughter-in-law, our wonderful grandchildren and godchildren, and our crazy dogs. Woven between all those strands of the tapestry that is Mi Vida Loca are each of you, my bloggy friends.

I have laughed with you, travailed for you, and cried with you. I’ve celebrated with you, and for you. I’ve prayed with you, and sometimes, have screamed out your name to the Heavenlies because I didn't know what else to do and thought the good Lord might need a little reminder that you needed a miracle. (I know, He gets a kick out of me, He has to - he designed me!)

And you, my friends? You’ve been with me, every step of the way. Traveling with me on my many trips across this nation, making calls with me. Having adventures beyond compare. Never will I forget the support you showed me when I experienced the layoff way back in the day, or the the way you celebrated when I took another job. How y'all propped us up with your love when we lost our beautiful Zoie the Wonder Pup.  Or how you support me when ThatManILove is working away from town. How you encouraged me to go away with ThatManILove and take much needed time for ourselves - time that changed us and melded us.

I have been greatly blessed by the gifts I’ve received. Never could have I imagined making friends like you - some of you, I’ve not even met in real life - but God, The Lord Almighty, is good. He gives great gifts...and you are a such gift to me.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you be blessed beyond compare in this next year. As for me? I bless you. I bless you with love, life, health, friends - and laughter.

May you hear the music specifically designed for your life...and dance. Baby, dance!!

Much love. Much much love,


  1. Merry Christmas right back at you with much love!

  2. What a lovely thoughtful Christmas post!

    Christmas blessings and Bear hugs to you. Hope 2014 is a wonderful year!

  3. What s wonderful year-end post!

    Christmas blessings and Bear hugs. I hope 2014 is great for all of you


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