Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Can You Say Busted? People Helping People, Pay It Forward

So, I kind of got busted in my own Pay It Forward People Helping People deal last week.

I was in Starbucks, and this couple in front of me was digging for money.  I asked them what they were doing, and they said they were looking for cash they knew they had to pay for their purchase.

I asked them if they minded me blessing them by paying for their purchase.  They were hesitant, and came up with the cash, but I persisted in asking, and they sweetly allowed me to pay for the purchases rung up on the register.  They graciously thanked me, and we had a very nice conversation while we awaited our drinks.  We never really introduced ourselves, but talked about our work, our kiddos, etc.  Their daughter's birthday was coming up.  It was a very pleasant interlude in a very busy day.  

On Sunday, ThatManILove and I were headed back home, and I was  shocked to see this message come up on my FB Chat: 

Steph: You saw my parents at Starbucks Thursday!! And blessed them by paying for their coffee.

Me: And how do you know that, missy?  They were beautiful people inside and out!  I just wanted to bless them!  I had no idea they were your parents!

Me:  I don't think I told them who I was?

Steph: You didn't, I put it together when they told me the story.

Me: AND I sure didn't know you were their daughter, I would have added a huge gift card from ThatManILove and I for them to give to you! 

Steph: You are too sweet. Well, they were truly blessed by your act of kindness. And enjoying your company for that short amount of time!

People, how cool is that?  It’s a small world.

Now, go love on somebody, will ya?

Because, you know, the smallest little things can make a difference in somebody's day.

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