Monday, May 5, 2014

Instant Nest...Repurposing For Nature

My friend who plants my spring and winter flowers sent me a text last week.

“I didn’t know you were raising birds?”

Me:  “I’m not.”

And she sent me this picture.

When I came home the next day, I pulled up the ladder, and took some closeups.

I had to go out of town that day, but I had all intents and purposes of getting a game camera or something of the like and setting it up so we could watch the babies learn to fly.

My housesitter sent me a text today, and told me all the birds were gone.

I guess they were a little older than I initially thought.

I’m still going through with the camera idea, to catch shots of the hummingbirds.

A girl can have some toys, right?  Right?


  1. Dang, sorry you missed out on the growing up! But they're off doing what birds do best. You'll get another chance!

  2. A cat got mine. Those don't look old enough to fly.

  3. Humming birds aren't game. Only shoot PICTURES of them.

  4. What a beautiful Dove and baies too how lucky are you! That is one smart Dove building high away from the wonder dogs:)


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