Thursday, December 30, 2010


ThatManILove is out on a job.  I could swear he said he’d be home early today, and was wondering what we might be able to do over the holiday weekend before I went back to work.  
I told him the quicker he returned to the house, the quicker he could finish painting the kitchen and we could get away.  I could get some out of town clothes shopping done since I’ve just dumped almost my entire closet...and aren’t there some major New Year’s Day sales? 
I emailed him for his status mid-morning, and he said he now has to stay overnight and will be back home tomorrow.
Guess I’ll go run errands and get my chores done.  Like my expense account.  And my personnel evaluation.  Fun stuff like that. You know, stuff I need to do prior to year end anyway.  Stuff I’ve been putting off.  
Maybe my New Year 2011 resolution will be to quit procrastinating.
Or maybe I should reserve that for New Years 2012.  What do y'all think?


  1. How serendipitous that I came across your blog, and especially this post right now...I SHOULD be working on my year end receipts which I have to fedex out TODAY about the eleventh hour...but instead, I am online. Surfing blogs. Guess I better get back to work, hope you have fun whatever you do. Maybe I should sign up for time management course before I get back to my paperwork....

  2. Girl, I'm so there. Still working on expenses and it's 10pm here in the West of Texas.

  3. Well, why would you do that in 2011? Wait til an even year like 2012 or 2014!!! How's that for procrastination? LOL


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