Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If You Gotta Go, Take One Second to Clean Up After Yourself.

Two movies in two nights may be too much.
Or I drank too much water before, during, and after.
I found myself going to the bathroom.  Not once, but twice.
People - public restrooms are a must.  I try not to utilize them. But sometimes, I just have to, ya know??   But, people, it would be great if all of you decided you’d clean up a little after yourselves.  I mean, Lord have mercy!!!
I felt like I was in a movie myself, as I walked down the aisle of stalls.
Looked in the first one....unflushed...I just couldn't.  
Second - paper all over the floor...wet paper.  Ummm, no.
Third one - locked.
Fourth one  - open, looked somewhat clean, but don’t statistics say most people go in the fourth one?  SKIP.
Fifth one - dirty again, indescribable.
Sixth one - Handicap - I started limping and went in.
Where’s Mr. Clean when you need him?
Limp to sink.   Soap, soap, soap.  Turn on water - it’s freaking c.o.l.d.  Lather anyway.  Rinse.  Again, cold. 
Cold, I think, on purpose.
Hand air dryers?  S. L. O. W.  And not hot at all.
I left there with one thought, having gone through surgery and all.
Some type of instant self catheritization device that's sterile, and easily disposable.  Surely I can learn it, just for movies.  And it’s gotta spread less germs that the public restrooms at the movie house.

Don't make me go buy Depends, people.  Just clean up after yourselves in the public bathrooms.


  1. Public bathrooms are so disgusting. I'm glad I'm not the person that is hired to clean them. Gag me.


  2. I am told that the men's room are much cleaner..but I have never seen it myself and find it difficult to believe.

  3. Been there, done that, got the bog roll.
    hip-chick, I think you're misinformed!

  4. They sell those paper funnel devices that girls can use to pee standing up - why not try some of those? Then you can do the guy thing and piss over everything (except in the bowl)


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