Monday, February 7, 2011

Come Fly With Me

I’m so excited.
I recieved notification that I qualified for my Southwest Airlines “companion pass” today.
And people, that’s no easy feat.
Basically, what this means is that ThatManILove can travel anywhere I go on Southwest Airlines for $5 per trip.  That’s a deal and a half.
Here’s the email I sent him:
"Subject:  Yahoooooooo!  Rapid Rewards Companion Pass Qualification...
I didn't think I'd made it.'d better be nice and come home more often or I'll find another companion to fly the friendly skies Becky.  Or Connie.  Or Tamra.  
And you know that will COST YOU MONEY....
love ya"

He has not responded.  But he will, because he knows one thing - girls hanging together means shopping.  Or worse yet, gambling.


  1. What a great deal! Makes me wish I lived in Midland!

  2. Girls hanging together equals some of the funniest man stories ever cooked up.

    My wife belongs to the texas outdoor womens network, camping types, and she says when they do one of their campouts, the pick a secluded spot else they cause any people nearby to get blue ears.

  3. Well if you are taking a girl shopping, HOLD ONTO that ticket!!!! We can connect when I am there in a couple weeks.

    Tell Your Best Guy. . . . that we are hitting the Malls of America!!!! All of them!

    Just sayin. . . .

  4. @Joanie - I wish you were here, we'd go somewhere!
    @OFT - I'm very grateful!
    @LarryLilly - Ooh! I wanna go!
    @PastorSharon - I will, looking forward to it!


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