Thursday, February 10, 2011

The the my House....

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know I didn’t sleep last night.
I heard a noise in one of my interior walls in my house, and told ThatManILove about it.  He had me call the electrician this morning, and they came out about 9:45 a.m.  I was in a meeting, so had my friend Martha come open the door and show them the wall.
Could they hear a freakin’ thing?
They called me, and told me so.   It turns out that one of the electricians has recently married one of my good friends, and he recognized my name.  I immediately felt better. I had a brain wave, and asked him to do something for me.  Two things, exactly.
ThatManILove has installed security lights in the trees, and around the perimeter of our house.    He has these lights on a timer.  Unfortunately, one of our trees is so tall, and the electricians put a light waaaayyyyyy up in the top.  And that light...was out.
So, here were my requests.
 Will you please go up in the attic and check things out, just to make sure nothing’s wrong?
And will you check all the lights around the house, and in that tree, and make sure that they are all working?  Change out the burned-out lights?
The electrician went up in the attic, and nothing was buzzing or humming. 
So, they went to work on the security lighting.  And turned them on to test them.
And guess what?
They heard the noise. 
In the wall.
They started tracing the problem, and found it was tied to the security lights.  Whenever the original electricians had installed the lighting, they had run the wires into the house, and had attached them to one of the studs at the front of the house.  
Over time, the attachment thingy had worked its way loose from the stud, and in some sort of “the thigh bone is connected to the leg bone” way, 30’ down the wall, was causing another stud to vibrate.
And thusly, the mystery of the vibrating buzzing “Oh my God I hope it’s not a short!” wall was served.
And I can breathe again.
Thanks, Clint, for pushing through and finding the solution.
And thanks, Lord, for putting the right electrician at my house today.  I am thankful.

It's Wednesday night (though this will post Thursday morning).  My dogs are snoring.  And I'm tired. So, now, I'm gonna try to go to sleep.  And while I sleep, maybe another miracle will happen, and I'll wake up looking like that picture of that beautiful girl I posted yesterday.

Blessings to each of you, and thanks for your comments.

Sleep.  Sleep.  I need sleep.


  1. Hey, those little buzzes are a night-time killer!


  2. Glad you found it. Nothing ever ever ever does it for the repair man.

  3. Pearl - I know, girly!
    Scope - I'm so glad, as well. I finally slept last night! (And my house didn't burn down!)

  4. We had a simular experience .... heard this noise in the wall, then it went away, came back at night then went away, 2 weeks later we had a wet spot on the carpet. Pinhole leak in the waterline and a hole in the wall.

  5. Congrats on finding someone competent.

  6. Glad you found the problem..after all you need some beauty sleep after that photo yesterday. How is Zack's wound healing? :)

  7. Whew! I was with you, worrying you had an electrical short.
    Now you can sleep well.

  8. So I guess you could say that electrician was a real 'buzz'-kill...harhar :)


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