Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hormonal Weather

What a beautiful day!

It got to 72 degrees today here in my small town, in the West of Texas.  ThatManILove is out on a job, so I met a girlfriend for supper at McAlister's Deli.  Trying to stay on my purely healthy salad for dinner diet (oh yeah on my best day) and most days, it's working.

And while we were at the restaurant, I turned around, looked through the window, saw the highly touted "cold front" come in.  I remarked to my friend, "I see that front is almost here - but there is no wind.  What's pushing that sucker?"

And before I could finish my sentence, that sucker, Ol' Man Winter, came in all-abluster.  Oh, yes, he did.
Before we left, 30 minutes later, the temperature had dropped 25 degrees.

And while ago, it started snowing.  In one day, our temps have gone from 72 to 27.  That's worse than the mood swings of any hormonal woman I know.

Wait.  Did I say that?

I know not of which I speak.  (Can you pass me that washtowel, please?  I need to wipe my forehead.  Feeling a little clammy...)

C'mon, snow day.  C'mon!!  Get thy white, sticky stuff in heah!!
I LOVE Snow...Don't you?


  1. That's a big drop in temperature! We got a little snow. Now the ice is coming in. fun fun fun!

  2. I hear you. The front just blew through here in Houston. In less than 2 minutes the temp dropped 25 degrees.

  3. Yikes, snow at the superbowl!!!!
    at least they have roof

  4. So YOU'RE the one responsible for the blizzard! Now I understand--Mother Nature's menopausal.

  5. Once when I way running on Chicago's lake front, I ran thru a temperature wall. It felt like it dropped 25 degrees in 5 yards. That was a shock.

  6. Hey you :) Stop messin' with the weather! I'm comin' over and I want it ALL NICE.

  7. mad crazy snow here in Hip-Ville! We don't even have anywhere else to put it! But, we haven't seen 72 since September. I miss 72!

  8. That is an incredible change in temp! do you think there's any truth to that theory that you get sick more easily with temp changes like that?


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