Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Gas?

It’s cold in my little corner of the desert.  Way cold.
ThatManILove has been freezing his butt off out in the field, but at least he has accommodations on location. 
Zanna the WonderDog has been working with her trainer.  Hopefully, she’ll return home tomorrow.  
Zack the WonderDog slit his leg open last week hunting, so he’s been recuperating at the house.  He gets his stitches out tomorrow.
So...with Zanna and ThatManILove out of town, Zack has been taking full advantage of sleeping in my bed.  And to be honest, he’s been a welcome source of heat as wind chill takes us 5 degrees below zero the last couple of days.   Us West Texans just don’t know how to operate when it’s that cold, ya know?
So, yeah, when I’m home, I’m glad Zack’s all cuddled up beside me.  Well, most of the time.
When he has gas?
Oh. My.
It. Is. Horrible.
I want to wake him up, and banish him to his kennel immediately;  however, the damage is already done.
And it’s cold.
But I told you that already.


  1. Yikes. Don't let him hotbox you! :)

  2. Sorry Zack was injured.

    Yeah, I got gas.


    Better out than in I always say.

  3. I raise you gas with sirshitsalot!!! Yes, it is cold in the south. We had sleet on the coast today. Flurries possible tonight. But you won't find any heat in this house missy. Don't use it.

  4. That sounds like a scene in our house! *snort*

  5. I guess the warmth out weighs the stink?
    have any cats?

  6. Think of it as "Global Warming".

  7. I feel the same way about my daughter, she is a gas factory.

  8. Oh my that is cold... sounds like us here in Michigan, but we're a little more used to it. Although freezing is freezing and we're ready for it to end. But gas? Oh my!! lol


  9. Yeah that is cold for Texas! About that gas? Our older dog seriously will pass gas and immediately run from herself and look around like, "what? who did that?"
    And when the fumes set in, it will bruise your lungs, kill your liver and make you give your heart to Jesus. It's a killer really.

  10. y'all crack me up, seriously! Thanks for coming by!

  11. Gas..surely not the must be mistaken..can you prove it..everyone always blames the dog:)


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