Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's A Shoot, There's a Shoot, Everywhere a Shoot, Shoot

Have you ever looked ahead on your calendar, and your heart clenched?

That’s what my heart's been doing, every time I look at my calendar this week.
I’m a salesperson.  In the oilfield.  And being a woman, I’m good at planning events.  So, on top of my real job, I find myself helping on the industry event scene.  I do a certain amount for my employer, and then a certain amount for various non-profits.  And then, on top of that, I take customers to said events.  My brother swears I can shoot a shotgun while giving an interview to a TV station, and still break my targets.  I think he exaggerates a bit. (Possibly to make up for the fact I can still beat him.  Shooting, that is.)

My brother, Scott.  I love him! We have a lot of fun at all these events!

Here’s a short look forward for me.  Most of this is for my employer.  And on top of that, I serve as an officer in the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE), and we try to make a lot of the AADE chapter events. 
July 18 - 27 - Helping design invites for our Oct 3-5 New Mexico Oil and Gas events, getting them in the mail, coordinating the updating of our customer lists, planning for the Oct 17-19 Permian Basin Oil Show and Customer Party, and planning our Customer Appreciation Shoot in September AND calling on customers and putting out fires! I should probably drink…starting now.  At midnight…no.
July 28th - Midland - Oilman’s Shoot - taking customers shooting in one of the largest sporting clay events in Texas - huge fun - but it’s HOT here...
Aug 2-4 - Ruidoso - taking customers on a weekend golf outing and helping plan spouse’s events (I think there are 20 of us going?)
Aug 10 - Pittsburgh, PA - Sales calls, meetings, and taking customers shooting in the AADE Shoot
Aug 17 - Dallas, Tx - Sales calls, and taking customers shooting in the AADE shoot
Aug 24 - Denver, Co - AADE National Board Meeting (and taking customers shooting in the AADE shoot)  (And I’m really supposed to be in Midland that week, helping put on the Bustin’ Clay for United Way shoot...guess I’d better tell them I have a conflict)

I’m going to stop there.  I am starting to hyperventilate, seeing it all down on paper.  And I had better start cleaning my shotguns, because mine is dirty, and then, other people will want to borrow our extra guns.  Gotta make sure everything is up to speed!

Yours truly.  Yes, I am color coordinated.  I can't help it.
Got stress much?
Southwest Airlines, you’d best be ready.  Your A-Lister is heading to the check-in counter!


  1. On the bright side, I hear shooting guns is a great way to relieve stress! Good luck!

    1. It is, it's a lot of fun! VERY rewarding and a blast! (no pun intended!)

  2. you SO impress me! good lord, if i had your drive, your energy, your AIM! ha ha!

    1. AIM. Hummmm. That might be what's missing!!

  3. NO, you may not shoot the customers when you take them to a shooting event. That kind of behaviour is just so "not on"! Even if it is sanctioned under the Second Amendment. (I have enough American fiends that I'm getting fairly good at the American Bill of Rights. Though, truth be told, I still get some things not quite right.)

    I hope you have a wonderful summer (well, what's left of it). Do I recall you saying something about getting a dog for TheManYouLove?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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