Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Ada Jael

I took this three generations picture two years ago.  Meet Ada Jael.

Friday found us trekking towards DFW, giving a friend a ride home.
Saturday morning?  9 a.m.?  At our beautiful goddaughter’s 2nd birthday party.  I can't believe she's two.  I was with her mommy in the delivery room when she was born.  Time flies!

Here’s the little cake-faced darling now, beautiful Ada Jael.

Saturday morning until late afternoon?  ThatManILove and Ada’s mommy shopped for the perfect mattress, and perfect trundle mattress, comforter, sheets, shams, and perfect bunky boards for Ada’s bed (that I had purchased for a mere $100).  I’m not going to speculate how much dinero he dropped.  Nothing’s too good for baby Ada!
Is she beautiful, or what?

We were exhausted by nightfall…and had to go eat at Fish Grill at Arlington Highlands.  It was wonderful.

Sunday, we headed back to Dallas to our friends’ house and stayed the night.  We had a great time, and talk about carbs - almost everything we cooked that night was fried.
Monday morning, we headed to Kilgore to look at some flowback and wellhead equipment.  It was fun, a beautiful shop and business, with super preventative maintenance plans and a great repair facility.  These guys are definitely starting their business out the right way!
And...I was blessed to see my cousins for a bit!  I sure miss them! We spent that night with friends, and had a good time. Headed home yesterday morning. A good trip!


  1. ada is so sweet! glad you got to spend some time with her and her mom (and others, too!)

  2. Lately, a good day here has been one with no tests or doctors. Today we get to have one like yours! Sans little ones.

  3. Oh my, Janie.. she's absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday to Ada. :)


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