Friday, September 30, 2011

Real Life Between The Seeeeester-In-Loves

Texts between my sister-in-love and myself:

Lisa: Do you know much about yours and Scott’s genealogy?
Me:  Not really.  Wilbur (our uncle) has done all the work on Mom’s side.
Me:  Why?
Lisa:  Looking to see if there is anything that will help Nick in college admissions.
Me:  Hmmmmm.  Other than his aunt is a rock star in her own mind?
Lisa:  Yeah....couldn’t find a place for that one on here.
I love ThatLisaGirl.  That girl flat cracks me up.


  1. Rock star! What instrument do you rock on??

  2. Maybe you could call her a rapper?

  3. Being a rock star would do for me!

  4. Try taping a couple of hundred dollar bills to the application. That could be a great help in student selection. It would work for me.

  5. This is just too weird. Wonderfully funny, but weird.


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