Monday, August 12, 2013

Life in the Petroplex Just Got Funnier

Our town, Midland, Texas, has grown so much that the entire populace is groaning about all sorts of issues.  From the very basics of no groceries on the shelves to high rent and bad restaurant service, every business in the area is stretched.  And let's not even talk about horrible traffic and bad driving.

This is also the case for our neighboring town, Odessa, Texas.

One smart soul is making us all laugh about our issues, though.

A new Facebook Midland Meme page cropped up on August 4, 2013 and has already amassed some almost 20,000 likes in 7 days. AMAZING.

I have laughed so hard at some of the memes, I have cried.  The mysterious meme creator has definitely captured some of the facts about our fair city, as well as (insert evil laugh) those of Odessa, Texas.  Below is some of his/her work.

And POW! SMACK! Robin, you dork, you deserved this one.
True.  You go into a restaurant, see empty tables and wait 30 minutes due to lack of waitstaff.  
 Don't even ask me about the water.  We spend untold dollars on potassium for our water softener, regularly use our RO unit, AND buy bottle water.

One of the very best things about working in Midland, Texas is our tuned down work attire.  The young man on the right definitely epitomizes the attire of the majority of the young professionals here.  He looks great, and he's not gonna melt in the excessive heat.  And that's a good thing, right?

We went to the grocery store and got out within an hour.  Thought that was pretty good, considering the checkout lines were 5 baskets deep.  I saw a potential for a  fight to break out in a couple of the aisles, though, just due to cart traffic congestion and bad shopping manners.   
Oh, wait. Crap.
 That was me.

I hope this page grows and grows! Not a day goes by that I'm not hit in the face by some funky reality due to our overpopulation, and this page will help me keep everything in perspective AND laughing.  I am proud to be employed in the oil industry that birthed this situation...and proud of the creator of Midland Memes.

Bravo, Midland Memes.  Bravo!

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  1. Now, if you were cleaning your shotgun while waiting in line at the grocery store, that would make you a true Midlander, right?


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