Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro...or Curses, Foiled Again

Last night, I had a client dinner date at Lonesome Dove Bistro.

Well, I had one scheduled, anyway.

My client’s wife fell ill, and we had to cancel, which I did through Open Table.  (Reservations and cancellations are super easy through that site!)

I ran errands, threw down  a little thirty minute shopping trip(girl in the city, you know) and then came back to the hotel to work on a presentation for another client.

And then, I clicked on The Lonesome Dove site to look at the menu.

Holy doves will coo.

That's it.  I'm going to go, even if I have to trip some unsuspecting soul on the street and take them with me.


  1. You may have to wait. The Bistro caught on fire this morning.

  2. I heard. Scary stuff! Hope they recover well.

  3. I say go to the Waffle House. You are just as full and saved a couple of hundred dollars.


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