Monday, August 5, 2013

Somedoggy's Sporting New Gear - (The Little Heifer)

Sometimes, my Wonderdog Zanna borders on being a b****.  

Well, not in the literal sense of the word, because we had her fixed.  But, yeah.  

Zanna is one bossy little heifer.  She ALWAYS thinks she’s at Burger King, and she’s gotta have it her way.  If she wants something, needs something, or you know, just think you need to be m.o.v.i.n.g...she's in your face.

Zack?  He’s one laid back dude.  He’d just as soon snuggle up against someone - anyone - and just receive the love.  He’s happy.
Zack.  Mr. Laid Back.  (Unless he's hunting.)
Zanna is another story altogether.

She’s had a pretty rough day today.  We’re fighting skin allergies on her behalf, and her prescription Atopica has virtually stopped working.  She's been miserable. So we’ve been searching other remedies.

We gave her an Aveeno bath, and that seemed to help.  Put Eczema lotion on her, and that seemed to help.  We gave her a Benadryl, and that seemed to help.

She napped for a little bit and chilled out.  (Probably the Benedryl.) But when she woke up, she barked at me.
Zanna.  She looks sweet.  It's a joke.  I swear.  
I was doing something (constructive, I’m sure) and put her off for no more than a minute.  Then, I heard her chewing something.  I could tell by the sound it was an illegally obtained item.  Contraband.

It sounded hard and plastic-y.

I told you she was a little heifer.

She had gone into the bathroom, grabbed both her and Zack’s collars (which ThatManILove had not put back on post dog-showers) and had them in her mouth.

Zack’s is leather, so she ditched it for hers and promptly sheared it into two pieces. In less than one minute.
The prior collar.  How does she chew something in an almost straight line?


Thank God I had extras.

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