Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winner Winner Crab Claw Dinner!

Thursday night, after our National AADE Board meeting, we hosted a dinner at Bistecca, the steak house on the top floor of the Meadows Casino in Washington, PA.  

I had arranged my transportation so I would not have the liberty of gambling, or also staying too late losing money after the event.

Immediately after the meeting, though, we went to go buy our shotgun shells to get ready for the shoot the following day, so we lost track of our group.

When we made it back to the restaurant, we still had 30 minutes to burn.  About half of our group was out on the deck, imbibing.  The other half was in the cigar bar, imbibing.  Of the two, I chose the outside option - I can’t hang with cigar smoke, even residual.  And, I rarely drink.

My friend Tommy had dropped me off, and parked his truck.  Somehow, we missed each other. He called me and told me he was in the cigar bar, and that his wife and son should be walking in any minute.  I had not seen them in a year, so I went downstairs to meet them, and ran right into them.   We exchanged hugs, and Debbie went to the cigar bar to meet Tommy.  Daniel wanted to gamble, so I told him I would go with him for 15 minutes, on my terms only.  He agreed.  

He had no money, so I popped $500 out of the ATM, gave him $200, and off we went to the high limit slots.  

Daniel and I sat together on a bank of 4 machines, and plugged in our money.  Within 4 pulls, Daniel popped a $600 pot.  He started giggling, which inspired me to do the same.  Giggle, I mean.  

Daniel: I’m going to go cash out.  Let’s leave.
Janie:  You cash out, but you have to play that machine at least 4 more pulls.
Daniel:  Why?
Janie:  You never leave a machine while it’s hot.  We need to test it with at least 3-4 pulls.  Then we can leave.
Daniel:  Okay.  I’m going to go cash out.  Stay here.
Janie:  (when he came back)  Okay, put some money back in there.  
Daniel:  Okay.  

Three pulls later?  The munchkin wins $1200.  He starts laughing so hard, I laughed right along with him until I cried.  He had to sit there and wait on a payout (and a 1099).

I moved over to the other side of the same machine bank, and put in my money.

Three pulls later, I won $600, and played it up to:

And no 1099!!

We gambled less than our alloted 15 minutes, walked away winners.  And Daniel paid me back my stake.

Now, people, if you're going to gamble, that’s the way to play.  

In. Out. And QUIT.  Go do something really productive, like hang with friends.  And eat amazing crab claw appetizers.  Man...were they good!!!  As far as I'm concerned, Bistecca gets 5 stars for food, presentation, and service.  If you're ever in the area, go there!

And Daniel, his parents, and I giggled for the rest of the night!'s never boring around here!


  1. Sometimes luck just seems to find us.

  2. I'm ready to go gambling with you - you supply the money and make us win? When are you coming to Vegas?

  3. "In. Out. And QUIT." That sounds like my se... oh forget it. I sadly don't need to be talking about that.

  4. I've never developed a taste for gambling, though there is a casino not too far from our place. I have developed a taste for the meals, however.

    What's a 1099?

    OH and yes; you're the gal who cannot live without shotgun or shotgun shells, aren't you. Hope you blew lots of pigeons.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)


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