Thursday, September 26, 2013

Proof It's A WorkDay Morning Around Here

If you were Sherlock Holmes...

And if you were familiar with the life patterns of this house...

By looking at this picture, you would know these things to be true and self-evident:

1.  It's early morning.
2.  The dogs have eaten breakfast.
3.  They're both under the covers for their wee nap before Mom heads to work.  (Zack, close to me, and Zanna, away from me.)  At least one paw must be outside the covers. (Sounds like some hormonal women I know.)  And believe me, they are SNORING.
4.   Mom's already caught up on emails AND blogging AND Facebook for the morning.

5.  Next, I will shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed.
6.  Last act before I head out the door will be for me to brush my teeth, at which point, without even being told, both dogs will stretch their way out from under the covers.
7.  Zanna will immediately head out to the outside kennel and wait at the gate for me to let her in.
8.  Zack will make it as far as the back door, will sit down, and have to be called to "Kennel, Zack!" at which point he will slowly lumber to the kennel gate and enter.  At. His. Own. Pace.

Now, that, people, is ritual.

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