Friday, September 27, 2013

Waxing Poetic

Meet Leslie.

Leslie is my favorite wax aesthetician at European Wax.  In this picture, she is partially through my wax job.

And this photo, below? 

Well, this is what Leslie looks like when, mid-wax job,  the power goes out for the entire building.  Thank God she refuses to wax by Braille.

I have nothing else to say.


  1. She looks fabulous in the dark! Why, she and I could almost pass for sisters!

    Good thing she made no attempts to continue waxing in the dark. You may have ended up with a bald spot on your head!

  2. Wax by braille - that deserves a pithy comment but I don't want to be banned from commenting here. Hope it all went well in the end.

  3. uhmmm do you have one of those cameras on you head like the bikers wear? Just wondering :-p


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