Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Vs Fake...Lessons In Profile Pix

I get LinkedIn requests daily.

I know almost none of them.  They're just people wanting to piggyback a connection into my connections.  Which, I guess, is the entire premise of LinkedIn.

I got this request the other day.  I have edited out the name, company, and background to protect the innocent.

But seriously...would you EVER put a profile picture like this on YOUR profile?

Much less accept a request to be a connection?

Shoot me. 

This picture is very scary.  I would have felt better if he'd faked it.  Or put a picture of his dog or something.

Red Pill.


  1. Almost spit out my coffee on that one. Warn us first next time.

  2. Why are so many pictures taken inside of cars.

  3. I thought he was eating candy corn! my bad.

  4. Just....scary. Don't accept a ride from that one.


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