Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Contest Winners for What The Heck? A Janie Girl Contest

The contest!!!  

I forgot about the What The Heck? A Janie Girl Contest!

Yup, that one.  
Where there were weird thingies on this green fence of a significantly popular drive-through.  
And said weird thingies were exactly one. car. length. apart.
And whomsoever puts said thingies on the green fence are (1) pretty accurate and (2) keep a pretty good arsenal.

First place prize goes to :  TexWisGirl at the Run-A-Round Ranch
Second place: Connie at Hartwood Roses
Third place:  Betty at Bossy Betty
Fourth place:  KaLynn (MiMi) of both KaLynn Blog and Mimi's Musings (yup, the girl's a multitasking, two-blog woman!)
Fifth place:  Nancy at A Rural Journal

So!  Y’all let me know your favorite store, because you’re getting gift certificates from there.  
Congratulations, y’all!!!
Oh, yeah...and the correct answer?

At the drive-in line at our local STARBUCKS.  Oh, yeah.  Exactly one car length apart.

Now think about this.  Some kid (or kids) sitting in the back seat of his parents’ car, amassing over time some serious pieces of paper, wadded up just so, small enough to fit into a straw, which he/she happened to have handy in that back seat, to be able to decorate a fence with spitwads, whenever said parent had a cravin’ for Starbucks.
How many repetitive days?
What was the parent doing? Not paying attention to what their kid was doing?  
Never looking in the back seat at the source of the ammunition?
All sorts of scenarios come to mind, but I’m not going to go there.
By the way...after the original post, Starbucks cleaned the fence.
Oh, yeah - and Rob-Bear?  You of Bears Noting?  You get a giftcard, too, for reminding me that I’d not yet posted the winners to the contest!  Thanks so much!


  1. Do thrift stores sells gift certificates? ;)
    I'm a winner! Yippee! Thank you Janie!

  2. That is pretty funny. Next time I'm in a drive thru I'll be looking at the fence for sure.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. oh, you are too cute! i had forgotten all about that one too! no need for a gift card for me. honestly! i do think it is funny, though, about the repetition of their rituals thru the drive-thru!

  4. Ha!, I missed your first post about contest, must have been when we were in internet dead zone up in the great North Woods. How long was it there before they cleaned it off? I wonder if they timed the moving of the car through the drive thru lane. The skills these have today, but I might be assuming to much, maybe it was an adult!

  5. I'm thinking of a more intricate way of pounding those spitwads into a cedar fence and a quick blow on a straw wouldn't accomplish that. Shotgun loaded with scatter-shot AND spitballs in the end of the barrel anyone? Or maybe it's just me....but Rob Bear is a great one to send a certificate to. He's a bud-bear to many people

  6. Starbucks reads your blog and pays attention? Sweet. Least they could do is give you some free caffeine.

  7. Wow! In the words of Paul Harvey, "And now you know the rest of the story."

  8. I am sort of squealing with delight here!!! Sorry it took me so long to get over here to receive this prestigious award. Surprise me with my $1000.00 gift card! Oh, wait a minute. That is the amount, right?

  9. Well thank you, Janie. So kind.
    Bears like to be useful, helpful. But please don't get in our way when we're heading for the honey!


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