Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

  • It’s 6:44 a.m., I’m on the back porch, awaiting this sunrise and writing this profound post that you’re currently reading.  When the sun rises, the squirrels will come out, and the daily morning saga between the Wonderdogs and the Squirrels will begin.  Come watch!
  • We worked on my upper body and arms at the gym this morning. (Notice the “We” worked on Me?  That’s how it goes, V’Lesha is a taskmaster, but the language of it all makes me giggle.)  I’m gonna be whining tomorrow!
  • ThatManILove starts a new gig this week, and he’s excited about it.  Me, too!
  • We dined at the Petroleum Club last night with customers and co-workers.  Prime Rib Monday is definitely a good thing.  We’ll be back!
  • I just realized that out of the last week, I’ve not had one day that I wasn’t entertaining customers.  Do salespeople ever get a day off?
  • I sprung my Wonderdogs out of Doggie Day Care yesterday and my bill was over $500 just for the last two weeks of travel.  I almost swallowed my tongue.  Wonder if I can get my employer to pay for that?  I can see Doggie Day Care as an expensed item...can’t you?
  • This morning when I went to the gym it was already 74 degrees at 4:49 a.m.  Something about that just isn’t right.  But one thing I know - the sky will be beautiful. Even with all those ripply heat waves emanating from the ground, the West Texas Sky is gorgeous. 
  • I must rise from my comfy chair and attack my day.  People to see, places to be!  Have an awesome day, my gentle readers!
  • PS - Enjoy this photo of my sweet goddaughter, Ada!  She found plenty to explore in our hotel room during her visit!


  1. Oh my Lord that is a sweet little girl. The best part is the little foot, looks like a ballet pose. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Janie girl! Wish I was on that balcony with you, in the peaceful early morning....is it too early for champagne??!

  3. gosh, that's a gorgeous photo of an adorable child!

    stay as cool as you can today! we'll get a break one of these days/weeks/months!

  4. Wow - what a stunning photo of that beautiful girl!

  5. I love dawn... I like the solitude that can be found at that time of day... your little god-daughter is an absolute doll...!

  6. Busy, busy! I'm tired just thinking about all of that gallivanting!

    Your goddaughter is so gorgeous! What a sweetie!

  7. Your Goddaughter is a princess!

    The taskmaster, well. . . I'm glad it's you, sister and not me.

    I am feeling your pain of wining and dining customers all the time. As a Marketing Director in my secular job, it sometimes seems that is all I do!

    Take a nap! Get out of the heat!

  8. I could never have been in sales. I am not the type of person who inspires trust. lol And AFTER hours? No way!

  9. Anywhere that is 74° (meaning 23°C in Bear's language) at the beginning of the day is way too hot for this Bear! About 55° to 60° would be just fine, thank you.
    Not sure about the daily Wonderdogs vs Squirrels saga. But, for the record, I'm cheering for the Squirrels!
    Hosting people all week? Put it on your expense account. Along with Doggy Day Care, where you had to put your dogs while you were on your business trip. Right?
    And your little Ada is gorgeous. She could be a heart-breaker. Keep a good eye on that gal!

  10. that is a cute little god daughter you have there...glad you get these moments of peace...what with all the entertaining and working out...smiles. used to work sales and it is relelntless at times...

  11. Gah. I lost my comment. Stupid Internet. There really IS A PLOT against me!

    I said something amazing. Take my word for it.

    Love the dress.

  12. Oh my goodness! Ada is absolutely beautiful beyond words!

    Heading to the gym at 4-something AM should be illegal! Just sayin'!


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